Books tagged with "action"

Dance on the Deep Blue
Fiction, Fantasy
An honourable man is given an impossible choice, a bastard dances with death and four sons grow tired of waiting for their father to die.
Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime
A city dislodged from the history books hides a monstrous secret.
The Trouble With Bruce
Fiction, Children's, Young Adult, Popular Culture
This is no ordinary tale. It tells of Bruce Maverick Wallace, and of the magnificent bouts of misdemeanor that colored his human career.
Mila (A Three Part Story)
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, History
A young mother is captured during Rome's conquest of Britain and must fight as a gladiator to gain her freedom and find her son.
The Last Shard
Fiction, Fantasy
When all your freedoms have been sold, and your oldest enemy becomes your closest ally, remember one thing:

The mission must come first.
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Starring a diverse handful protagonists on a quest to lift the curse from a small dragon, Qualadel is a comic reframing of classic high fantasy.
Searching for the Sky
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Young Adult
Tifani is encased in a whirlwind of adventure and danger when she meets her long-lost brother and uncovers the lies she lived in unknowingly.
Three Sides of the Tracks
Thriller, Romance, Young Adult, Crime
Ruthless Jessie Whitaker blames Caroline's lifelong friend Danny Taylor when Caroline is taken hostage by Slink and gang during a church robbery.
The Island at the End of the World
Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Sequel to the Cursed Gift (Contains spoilers).
The book picks up with Alex hot on the trail of the Devil's Advocate and his world enders.
The Girl in the Rain: The Epic Forgotten, First Crusade Parts I&II
Literary Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Crime
"The wise man keeps twenty-six ghosts in his library, the Hungarian knows the Deceiver, and the widow carries the words of the dead."
The Cursed Gift
Thriller, Horror
The Cursed Gift follows the rise and fall of Alex Bane, a policeman with an unnatural ability for reading people and a dark past.
Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult
A dystopian novel depicting a possible future for humanity and a teenagers struggle to survive in this setting.
Task Force - A Daniel Tasker Novel
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Europol's finest, missing cargo, a kidnapping, a chase across europe, prison break-outs, and who is the Mexican? Join in and see!
Soft Comes the Wolf
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Swiss Guard Peter Reich investigates a Vatican underworld of money laundering, extortion, and murder controlled by an entity known only as "The Wolf."
In the Face of the Sun
Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
When Zoe finds lost pieces of her life, love is included, but the shockwaves could splinter our world.
Without a Backward Glance
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Sinister organization kidnaps 16-yr old over her breakthrough technology, protecting the formula and her family, she fights to outsmart them.

Out of Mind
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Erotica
What do you do when the only thing you know is that there are people trying to kill you?
Daniel and George's Double Treasure Hunt Trouble
Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult, Comedy
A playful treasure hunt has an unexpected twist to it, sending Daniel and George slap bang in the middle of a real treasure hunt.
The Sister
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Crime
She said it wasn't safe outside...
The Tallow Man
Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult
In a world of darkness waits the Tallow Man to finish what he started.