Books tagged with "betrayal"

The Last Shard
Fiction, Fantasy
When all your freedoms have been sold, and your oldest enemy becomes your closest ally, remember one thing:

The mission must come first.
The Twelfth Universe
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

A monk, a widowed artist, an engineer and slave.
Max, the blind guy
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture
Blindness spells disaster for an artist. For Maximilian Ruth, the joys and sorrows of infidelity are over. Only his wife remains. She has a plan.
Lothario & The New Girl
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Erotica
Curiosity starts a war of wills between a modern day Lothario and his intended conquest. Until her father intervenes.
The Girl in the Rain: The Epic Forgotten, First Crusade Parts I&II
Literary Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Crime
"The wise man keeps twenty-six ghosts in his library, the Hungarian knows the Deceiver, and the widow carries the words of the dead."
Literary Fiction, Science Fiction
True gold may lie right in front of you, but you’ll never see it if you expect it to shine.
Third Time Lucky
Fiction, Thriller, Chick Lit, Crime
Three damaged women scarred emotionally and physically from their past.
Three individual battles to fight.
One Man to save them.
At Journey’s End
Romance, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
When a magical war collides with the a peaceful island nation, a young woman must rise to save the islanders from distraction.
Lucifer's Ladder (God Of The Fallen: Book One)
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Your end was only the beginning.

Half Castes
Fiction, Fantasy
Five races form the hierarchy of intolerance and hypocrisy that is the Jumal Empire.
Dead Reckoning
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
It's for the country. You are our man, Charles. You know how these things are done. Getting rid of people, we mean.
Without a Backward Glance
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Sinister organization kidnaps 16-yr old over her breakthrough technology, protecting the formula and her family, she fights to outsmart them.

The Weeds
Fiction, Literary Fiction
In a nameless city, Levi is dying in The Skull.
Nancy Allen  & the Cherokee Trail of Tears
Romance, Historical Fiction, Biography

Steamy historical fiction authentic in its depiction of sex, history and the Bible.
Solace Under A Tamarind Tree
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller
We cannot do evil without doing it to ourselves.
Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult
On a journey to confront her powerful and mysterious father, a teenage girl and her classmates become hostages in his futuristic shape-shifting labyrinth of death.
Garden of Souls
Fiction, Young Adult, Religious
A dreamlike story of a homesick girl and a kindred-soul. Betrayed by family and friends, she must decide what friendship, love, and freedom really mean.
Moon Birth
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
In a world full of uncertainty, a boy struggles to remember which side he's on.
Sometime, Maybe
Fiction, Romance, Young Adult
What do you do when your past and future collide?
Guilty Lovers
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
Seven acquaintances become entwined within a poisonous web of sex, money, murder, scandal and deceit when a married man begins an affair.