Books tagged with "bizarre"

Search for the Sunlight
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Comedy
“Search for the Sunlight” - A fantasy fiction 'Treewood' adventure for young adults and those of us who are struggling to grow up.
Splinters 3
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Three ghost stories and six very strange tales including some science fiction, a parable and one unique, totally experimental piece of writing.
Sean O. Baron, Freelance Sociopath
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Comedy
Multiple realities collide in this breakneck paced comedy. Sixty bite-sized chapters follow our protagonist through gratuitous violence, philosophy, dick jokes and videogame references.
Stories from a Leaking Mind
Fiction, Comedy
A collection of short stories, some humorous, some thoughtful, some disturbing, some just plain daft, and some are all of the above.
Otherwhere: Here There and Otherwhere
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
Chloe Green always thought she was an ordinary girl, she's about to discover she is anything but ordinary.
Fetishes and Foibles
Fiction, Comedy
We all have them but some have more than others. Who cares? Celebrate the downright foolish and bizarre and cast off your inhibitions as well!
Meditative Musings
Literary Fiction, Harper True Life, Christian, Religious
Musings about Faith and Life
The Rebel Gardener
Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Captain Petard meets accidentally the Letian woman Linda, pillaging one of his plants. And he ends up becomming accidentally the hero of the corrupted Letia.
No stranger to the P45 - Volume One
Biography, Popular Culture, Harper True Life, Comedy
Have you ever been compelled to leave the country because a gangster wanted to snap your legs like Twiglets?
Indian Summer
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Comedy
INDIAN SUMMER is a modern-day DON QUIXOTE, with a Bollywood twist.
The Son of Petard
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Martini finds himself in a pub in a philosophical discussion about boobs when he meets India, a self employed prostitute. She introduces him to Oomph.
Jill and Jack
Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Defies and overshadows the normal definition of siblings’ relationship and jumps to a bizarre world of visions, spirits, love, strange rituals, and shocking revelation.
Rïma Providence
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
"So, what is the difference between life and death?" She asked.
"That you have to find out for yourself" Seth answered shortly.
REGINA STELLARUM  -  The Queen of the Stars
Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Imprisoned; the extremity of known space.

At the hub of this spiralling confusion: A woman.

She disappeared: Why?

Galaxies were not formed from straight vectors…
Eco Station One
Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Warning! Please don't read if you don't want to expose yourself to utter sillyness. Consider it a FAIR WARNING!
Diaries of a Freak Genius
Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Popular Science, Comedy
A conversational style piece that focuses on the lighter side of concepts and Mindless thoughts that most won't admit to thinking themselves.
Absentee Bidder
Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Crime
Goddesses are in his pocket. Women are in his heart. Doubt lives in his soul. The world weighs on his shoulders. He is not alone.
5hit Stories
Fiction, Comedy
If you like crude, silly, rude, gory, stupid, pointless, nonsensical stories - then you'll love these. Warped, bizarre but fun nevertheless.
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror
STRANGITIES: Volume I collects over 20 short tales of the fantastic, terrifying, and just plain weird.
Three Stories
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
2010 thus far...a three-shot melting pot of the surreal and the mundane. Discerning which is which may not be so easy.