Books tagged with "christian"

Ralph and Monica
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Christian
A man whose memory has gone. A woman who cannot forgive. A family who loves the broken ones.
I Know You
Fiction, Thriller, Christian, Crime
Dead prostitutes. Dead cops. Someone's watching his every move. Questioning his own mental stability, how will Detective Kennedy Collins handle it?
The Code
Fiction, Science Fiction, Christian
The universal code of 1010101000100111 caught Elizabeth's eye. Last night's dream literally appeared before her., which suddenly became prophetic.

A Complicated Fiction
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Christian
Until at last, late afternoon
When Phoenix dims her Light
The Journey ends where it began
With yet the start in sight.
Heaven's Child
Non-fiction, Instructional, Harper True Life, Christian
The horrendous truth of my childhood lay buried within me, could I face my past of satanic abuse, without insanity to find healing in Christ?
The Search for Reason
Fiction, Popular Culture, Christian, Religious
A man's seemingly perfect world is turned upside down with one phone call. As questions swirl, where will it lead?
Eden's Guest
Fiction, Fantasy, Christian, Religious
What would the world be like today if no one had ever sinned?
Carter Friese is about to find out.
Stolen Childhood
Non-fiction, Biography, Harper True Life, Christian
I was eight years old, about to commit suicide, I had lost all hope. I was not afraid of dying. I was afraid of living.
Take Up Your Cross And Follow
Non-fiction, Instructional, Christian, Religious
An in-depth, introspective word study on Jesus' teaching of 'Taking up your cross and following Him'.Purposed for individual and/or Christian group faith growth.
Book I: The Möbius Strip
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Christian
An advanced civilization develops in the underground tunnels of the abandoned superconducting supercollider. Derek Cavanaugh rescues Israeli freedom fighters and provokes a maniacal surface-dwelling Marshal.
Rhyming Stories from the Bible
Young Adult, Christian, Religious
I have taken a number of well known stories from the Bible and written them in the form of rhyme.
The Earthly City
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Christian, Religious
Christian fantasy or Christian science fiction or urban fantasy: you decide. London is developing into a single organic being, reducing its citizens to mere cells.
Drifting Fines: Consequences
Fiction, Christian
The same overactive mind that made Christian rich and powerful must be restrained long enough to defeat a curse set to wipe off his family.

Non-fiction, Harper True Life, Christian, Religious
A story of inspiration and hope, this mother and wife speaks up about her addiction to alcohol and drugs and the devastation that soon followed.
Christian, Religious
365 Days of Rhema

"The only things you don't have today, are the things you never said yesterday."
Candid Glimpses, At-Home Revelations
Non-fiction, Harper True Life, Christian, Religious
Candid Glimpses is a collection of testimonies certifying that God can take ordinary experiences and turn them into extraordinary encounters with His Son, Jesus Christ.
Beating Grim
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Christian
Crawl into a cracked, smoke-filled room teetering over a fire-filled chasm, saturated with fear and despair, to discover how the Christianity can handle Death.
Rhapsody in Baghdad
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Travel
Three little tales and a short novella create a spicy, smoky, dizzy street life of Iraq.
Fiction, Popular Culture, Christian
Jude’s mission trip is put on hold as he tracks down a lost soul. Will his battles with evil help strengthen or destroy him?
Freedom from Independence: Truth Beyond Modernity
Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Christian, Religious
A critique of the epistemology of modern Christianity, illustrating the necessity of relearning total dependence on God and entering the postmodern world.