Books tagged with "comedy"

Gavin's Gadgets, Gizmo and Gravy
Fiction, Science Fiction, Children's, Comedy
Gavin loves three things – Gizmo (cat), gadgets and his mum’s gravy. Can his gadget protect Mum and her gravy recipe from The Zog People?
The Gargoyle Chronicles
Thriller, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Deep in the recesses of time the thoughts of a lonely gargoyle brew, up on high, decaying in vain with the acid rain…
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
"Governesses never are heroines in a romance - perhaps that is just as well. If romantic heroines behaved like governesses there would be no story."
Beautiful people
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Comedy
When you screw up your life, you know there’s no turning back and you just have to learn to live with the consequences.
Trumped by Secrets
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Comedy
Kim and Jack spark a national melt up--a psyche stretch that tweaks everyone in unexpected twists of sanity--as words of mass disruption ignite televised history.
Fame and Infamy
Romance, Historical Fiction, Comedy, Crime
Stranded in Paris and facing danger, an American must rebuild her life under a false name.
End Time Gentlemen
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Comedy
The end of the world is nigh and getting nigher. Don't worry though. Every mushroom cloud has a silver lining.
''It's a Dog's Life''
Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Harper True Life, Comedy
Hilarious escapedes in the Harries household when a goldfish turns green on a caravan holiday and a ferret ends up in the bath!
The British Comedy of American Errors
Not many people fondled the bust of Princess Margaret - but I did. Read all about it if you are old enough!
The Boy from Earth
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
Bookworm Jack Disor was more than excited to find a world as fantastic as his favorite fairytale, but he never expected to be the villain
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Starring a diverse handful protagonists on a quest to lift the curse from a small dragon, Qualadel is a comic reframing of classic high fantasy.
Sliding Down
Fiction, Comedy
Last week Andrew was living in an apartment in Pacific Heights. Now, he's homeless. He says he's writing a book, but is he?
Into the Fouth Universe
Fiction, Science Fiction, Business, Comedy
A bawdy satire on sci-fi and big business
The Last Roundhead
Historical Fiction, History, Popular Culture, Comedy
"They say I am the last of them alive; they say I am the last roundhead."
Twiggy: Confessions of a Boy Scout
Fiction, Young Adult
Teenager Twiggy is a nerd who loves Scouts. But his world is changing. Can anyone save him from this life of acne, bullying and girls?
The Cotton Smile
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
The human species is dangerously close to self destruction.
Can an altruistic soul from the past and an unhinged time travelling squirrel really save us?
Fleas In Your Head
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Comedy
When Wallasey falls, the rest of England will follow.
In Favour of Fools
Thriller, Science Fiction, Comedy, Crime
It’s hot, and my boots are melting. I’ve got 2 hours to get off this God-forsaken planet; can somebody out there help me?
Lucifer's Ladder (God Of The Fallen: Book One)
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Your end was only the beginning.

Task Force - A Daniel Tasker Novel
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Europol's finest, missing cargo, a kidnapping, a chase across europe, prison break-outs, and who is the Mexican? Join in and see!