Books tagged with "cowboys"

Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Popular Culture, Comedy
Cowboys and Cowards. Indians and Arabs. Alcohol and the Afterlife.
A dark blend of myth and faction from a soldier who lived through it.
Bandita Bonita: Romancing Billy the Kid Book II
Literary Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, Young Adult
Wanted alongside history's most notorious outlaw in the aftermath of the Lincoln County War, socialite Lucy Howard continues the legendary story of Billy the Kid.
Swords of Gehenna
Science Fiction, Fantasy
A Scifi western tale where humans fight alongside alien swordmasters against vicious foes who resemble daemons from the mythology of Earth.
Fiction, Thriller, Romance
Natalie seeks refuge in her hometown after her life is shattered, but she must battle more than she bargained for to find peace.
You Gotta be tough
Young Adult, Non-fiction, Biography, Harper True Life
a book about being tough !
The Guerrilla Corkscrew
Fiction, Historical Fiction
A poker game shouldn't lead to a lynching, but it's 1875 in Warren's Mining Camp and all bets are off.
Massacre Cave
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Young Adult
Massacre Cave is the first book in the Crow Mountain series. It is the second book written by Colby Van Wagoner.