Books tagged with "crime"

Anthem For Doomed Youth
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Charlie is to hang in the morning. When the church bell strikes eight, the lever will be pulled. Only the Home Secretary can save him.
Romance, Historical Fiction, Popular Culture
A pride of souls reincarnate spilling their torment and tragic history into the present.
Fame and Infamy
Romance, Historical Fiction, Comedy, Crime
Stranded in Paris and facing danger, an American must rebuild her life under a false name.
A Drug called Money
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Money is a drug. The ultimate aphrodisiac. Everyone is addicted even if they deny it. Some even murder to get it.
One Off, Sir!
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Ed Riley’s done his time. Over four years behind bars.
He’s powerfully built and now knows who shopped him.
Someone won’t sleep very well tonight.

Soft Comes the Wolf
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Swiss Guard Peter Reich investigates a Vatican underworld of money laundering, extortion, and murder controlled by an entity known only as "The Wolf."
43 Primrose Avenue
Chick Lit, Romance, Comedy, Crime
Primrose Avenue seems a good place to mend a broken heart, but secrets buried in the village's past could leave many lives shattered.
Amanda Cute and the Case of the Pussycat Sex Club
Fiction, Comedy, Crime
Who knew that Pussycat Headbands would be a surefire fast-track into a world of Snuff Porn, murder and drug barons?
Dead Reckoning
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
It's for the country. You are our man, Charles. You know how these things are done. Getting rid of people, we mean.
Under the Wings of Freedom
Non-fiction, Harper True Life, Crime
300 000 immigrants were detained and deported from US 2012, many without crimes or trial. Here are some womens' true stories. I was one.
New Dawn
Thriller, Horror, Crime
Shaw needs to overcome his own demons if he is going to rescue his daughter from the powerful forces that take her hostage.
Dead Dames Don't Dance
Fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Crime
Dave Newton investigates girl's disappearance, but soon regrets taking on the case. It's taking up all his valuable reading time. And he doesn't like hospitals.
The Blame Game
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Generally, murder is straight forward. However, their instructions are clear:
Leave witnesses.
The Sister
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Crime
She said it wasn't safe outside...
State of Defiance
Fiction, Historical Fiction, History, Religious
"Burn all you see before you and do not relent until the task is complete!”
Where She Lies
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Dark secrets haunt the old novelist as she strives to complete her final work before it is too late. Can she really re-write childhood?
I Know You
Fiction, Thriller, Christian, Crime
Dead prostitutes. Dead cops. Someone's watching his every move. Questioning his own mental stability, how will Detective Kennedy Collins handle it?
Bad Pup
Thriller, Young Adult, Crime
Chicago is a city filled with blood and revenge, but nothing like this. Beware the wolves!
Biography, Harper True Life, Comedy, Crime
Set in typical English milltowns and villages during the fifties and sixties. Spans eighteen years. Involves all but murder although comes close on several occasions.
Ralph and Monica
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Christian
A man whose memory has gone. A woman who cannot forgive. A family who loves the broken ones.