Books tagged with "demons"

Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
How do you save the life of a girl who died three hundred years before you were born?
Historical Fiction, Fantasy
A girl who feels she already has a life of struggle is forced by more extreme circumstances to learn the truth of her origins.
His Gift
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Shiloh does not have the best life to begin with, but her crappy life is turned upside down when her mother is murdered.
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Christian, Religious
A woman, born in Bethlehem the same night as Jesus, devotes her life to follow in His footsteps.
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Christian
A Psychiatrist moves to a small town to find herself battling, with unknown forces, she cannot see...could it be demonic?
The Cure of All Diseases
Fiction, Fantasy
Newlyweds are changed to pre-teens and must recruit a man of dark reputation to halt a sacrifice.
Altered World: A Girl Named Trouble
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Young Adult
STORM, has always been regarded as one thing only: TROUBLE! However, when push comes to shove, she must decide if "freedom" is worth suffering for.
Ghost Hunting 101
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Young Adult
Jessie Giddeon is a qualified ghost hunter employed by a government agency; the Office for the Regulation of Ghosts, Haunts and Apparitions.
Eden's Guest
Fiction, Fantasy, Christian, Religious
What would the world be like today if no one had ever sinned?
Carter Friese is about to find out.
Hunters: Nature of God
Fantasy, Horror
The first rule of hunting--aim for the heart.
The line - Beginnings
Fiction, Fantasy
Secrets - Lasciel learns she must close the gates of Hell, It is her destiny and she's the only one who can...
Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
An extra terrestrial serial killer comes to Earth and meets a girl from the suburbs of LA.
Awakening Ember
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Ember has always known she was different to others of her race.
Drifting Fines: Consequences
Fiction, Christian
The same overactive mind that made Christian rich and powerful must be restrained long enough to defeat a curse set to wipe off his family.

Devil's Lake
Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult
The lake took nearly everything from her. Now, will it take the rest or will it offer her something more?
Shadow Garden Blues
Non-fiction, Biography, Harper True Life
Never forget where you came from. I didn't.
The Angel Chord
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Supernatural thriller: three strangers stumble into an End of Days demonic plot and discover that atheistic, hooker-using and guitar-playing angels are the world's only hope.
The Baggage Carousel
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Travel, Comedy
Nobody goes anywhere without baggage.
Cursed: Demon's Daughter
Fiction, Thriller, Horror
Wanted by law enforcements. Chased by drug cartels. Hunted by demons...
Immortal Souls (The Immortal Souls #1)
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
There was a bounty on her head.
Every magical creature out there knew it, and some
of them wanted her dead for it.