Books tagged with "existential"

Toccata & Fugue (ignite the sky)
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Comedy
Numerous characters' lives intertwine in scintillating conversations about life, sex, deviance, morality, God, society and more within an ambient environment of contention, camaraderie, and wit.
Darkness Visible
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Young Adult
When light is consumed, and death races to swallow what remains, even the most youthful love may stand only to fall.
Plant: One Interns Memoir of Growth, Mess, and Starting a Church in Salt Lake City
Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Christian, Religious
A church intern moves from Portland, OR to help plant a church in the strange land of Salt Lake City Utah.
Scarlet Begonias
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Popular Science
Is it possible to unravel the ego, and if so, to what end? Follow the Psycho-cartographers into the dreamscape to find out...
Postcards of the Hanging
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Popular Culture
Fictionalised account of Bob Dylan's life as told to a ghost spirit of a lynched black guy. From Russia to 9/11.
Absolute Truth
Fiction, Thriller, Religious
Absolute Truth is a mystery novel with a twist. A penetrating psychological thriller that ends with a modern philosophical truth.
David 2.0
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Frankenstein meets The Truman Show – a modern psychological Gothic where nothing is as it seems.
Burns Like the Sun
Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Is being the object of one's obsession a fantasy come true or a never ending nightmare?
The Dignified Weight of Grief
Literary Fiction, Gay
An existential crisis. A powderkeg of unacceptable behaviour waiting to explode. Conflicts with capitalism, sexuality and grief lurk in the subtext of an ever-darkening storyline.
The Man Who Wasn't
Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
A man without a memory, trapped within a fictional universe. A man who may have been a god, whose true nature will forever damn him...
Changing Times
Literary Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Crime
When two Minnesota men discover the power of physical transformation, they meet in a heartbreaking collision of meth, mania, and murder.
The Cat in the Rye
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Comedy
The chronicle of a young man who is transformed into a cat.
The End of Belonging. Untold Stories of Leaving Home and the Psychology of Global Relocation
Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Business, Travel
This book introduces the concept, 'existential migration': moving cross-culturally to express our homeless human condition.
Breathing in Rhythm
Literary Fiction, Popular Culture
A dark, contemporary novel about self-destruction and redemption.
The Journey
A modern day Gospel story
Half Full Moon
Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Popular Culture, Religious
Poverty is the West. Wealth is in nature, even in the desert of the Kalahari, the desert of the Real.
In Sparta
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller
A sharp, thought-provoking dissection of radicalism and conformity, set in London in the day after tomorrow.
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture
February 1991. The war in Iraq is ending, but back in Jersey an aimless teen named John Saylor is adrift in pot and rock-and-roll...
The Clocktower
Fiction, Literary Fiction
A traveller arives in a new town hoping to break cleanly from the past, ready to move on when it begins to repeat itself.
Fiction, Thriller
Full-time translator and part-time killer Declan Hennessy discovers the true nature of fear in the Brussels of the European Commission.