Books tagged with "exploitation"

The Sister
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Crime
She said it wasn't safe outside...
An African sunset
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Erotica
AN AFRICAN SUNSET my first novel based on my experience as a member of an Iaraeli delegation in West Arfica. It's fiction of course.
It's God's wish
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy
The novelette "It's God's wish" is a gripping thriller; the entire book includes 7 additional short stories of suspense, adventure and fantasy..
Little Krishna and the Bihar Boys
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
Little Krishna’s caustic view of India and scathing sideways-squint at western culture in the time of great deceit.

I See You In My Dreams
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
A contemporary thriller; about the search for a teenage girl, who has gone missing, thought to have been abducted.

Halfway to Hell (original novella)
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Johnny Park is 100 miles from Phoenix... and halfway to Hell.
Deep in the Cocoa
Fiction, Historical Fiction
A hurricane leaves them homeless. How do they continue with five children from 18 months to 12 years old?