Books tagged with "fantasy"

Dance on the Deep Blue
Fiction, Fantasy
An honourable man is given an impossible choice, a bastard dances with death and four sons grow tired of waiting for their father to die.
Daniel and George's Double Treasure Hunt Trouble
Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult, Comedy
A playful treasure hunt has an unexpected twist to it, sending Daniel and George slap bang in the middle of a real treasure hunt.
Bad Company
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
A university professor and a master thief endeavour to save Olympus from an impending darkness.
The Crown of Crysaldor
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
After a dark age of three hundred years, an adventure begins to restore Crysaldor. The crown must be found that was thought lost forever.
Hubble Bubble, Toilet Trouble
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
A house that gurgles in the night conceals a secret which will change Sissy Blake's life, not to mention the world.
Oracle's Quest
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
Evil is creeping into the world of Talia. Can Idi learn to be a magician in time to save it?
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Starring a diverse handful protagonists on a quest to lift the curse from a small dragon, Qualadel is a comic reframing of classic high fantasy.
Thriller, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Lucius Fausto is sent to barbarian Britain, to bring back a renegade druid. What is waiting for him in the forests is an immemorial evil.
Zombie Time Travelling Ghost Hunters
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Comedy
A collection of short fantastical, macabre and funny short stories.
Stolen Hearts: Waking Nightmare
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Emory was a normal 21 year old girl. That drastically changes when a figure comes and steals her heart literally. Stranger still, she didn’t die.
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
"Governesses never are heroines in a romance - perhaps that is just as well. If romantic heroines behaved like governesses there would be no story."
Trumped by Secrets
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Comedy
Kim and Jack spark a national melt up--a psyche stretch that tweaks everyone in unexpected twists of sanity--as words of mass disruption ignite televised history.
The Contest
Fiction, Chick Lit, Fantasy, Young Adult
Princess Eemay of Cyberia must find her ‘prince charming’ and time is running out. When all else fails, The Contest is her only hope.
Fiction, Young Adult
There are more things in the shadows than you know.
The Wolf And The Bear
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Can Alex Hogg protect her future against the weapons of the past?
The Tallow Man
Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult
In a world of darkness waits the Tallow Man to finish what he started.
Altered World: A Girl Named Trouble
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Young Adult
STORM, has always been regarded as one thing only: TROUBLE! However, when push comes to shove, she must decide if "freedom" is worth suffering for.
The New Tooth's Reference Book
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
There are witches everywhere in the country, everyone knows that. What Wart didn't know was just how terrifying some of them could be...
Wolf Heart
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
A girl finds herself in the home of a strange boy with no memory of her past.
The Boy Warrior
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Saul had spend his life so far being scared. Now it's their turn to hide and be scared