Books tagged with "fiction"

Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
At the heart of tragedy, beats a desire to survive...
H-17 The Morningstar Abduction
Fiction, Literary Fiction
The father of a gifted young girl is murdered and she is whisked away to a military training facility.
The Crown of Crysaldor
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
After a dark age of three hundred years, an adventure begins to restore Crysaldor. The crown must be found that was thought lost forever.
Plain Sight
Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Evie was born with abilities making her a weapon. Forced to conceal herself within the same Military she's hiding from, how long can she last?
Emma's Magic Bookmark
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Children's
Whilst absentmindedly stroking the silken threads of her mysterious bookmark, Emma suddenly finds herself inside the book she is reading…
Samba Junkies
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Young Adult
The Adventures of a Cambridge Samba Band
Song of Cerberus
Fiction, Comedy
After her husband has one too many affairs, Susie leaves a life of privilege in search of substance and maybe a few clown noses.
Wild Fury
Thriller, Romance, Erotica
Horrific events bind new neighbours. The tenacity of love conquers fears. Enjoy the wild fury gripping two compassionate souls.
Odorless Cooking
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture
A brief depiction of a single life of a building's superintendent and the numerous lives of the people in whose charge he's in.
Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime
The city of Paris has been dislodged from the history books, and now hides a monstrous secret.
The Journal of Harry Somerville
Historical Fiction, History
A story of a young man's quest to discover the truth about his past. But he discovers far more than he could possibly imagine!
The Second Coming
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror
A stranger shares the secret of teleport technology and Rupert grasps the benefits for his humanitarian calling, but with it looms global anti-terrorist forces.
Fate's Exchange (A Twisted Fate Novel: Book One)
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Death wants her. Fate has already claimed her. Angels protect her.
The Many Adventures of Bunzle Antilles
Fiction, Children's, Young Adult
Bunzle Antilles is a very cheeky rabbit. He lives in the garden with his two brothers and all their other garden friends.
Book I: The Möbius Stripーthe Masada Virus
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Christian
An advanced civilization develops in the underground tunnels of the abandoned superconducting supercollider. Derek Cavanaugh rescues Israeli freedom fighters and provokes a maniacal surface-dwelling Marshal.
Meat on the Table
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture
A tale of a taboo propositioned inversely.
Young Drudgers
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture
Think about the missing link in the further evolution of mankind and you will find it humorously depicted in this book.
Echo of Sight
Fiction, Young Adult
Roland Stark is suddenly thrust into visual impairment. With a little help, he learns to adapt and understand how beautiful his world becomes.
Trumped by Secrets
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Comedy
Kim and Jack’s love-struck mismatch, parallels present-day mischief in the house of cards we all have a hand in—as this satire unravels nature’s innermost secrets.
The Judgment of Paris
Fiction, Comedy
Euphorion Younger goes up against Sophocles and Euripides both at the Festival of Dionysus!