Books tagged with "fiction"

The Code
Fiction, Science Fiction, Christian
The universal code of 1010101000100111 caught Elizabeth's eye. Last night's dream literally appeared before her., which suddenly became prophetic.

A Place to Stand
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
Rhae Peters is trying to find a way to carry on with life after the surprising death of her husband.
Bad Company
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
A university professor and a master thief endeavour to save Olympus from an all-consuming darkness.
Trumped by Secrets
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Comedy
Kim and Jack spark a national melt up--a psyche stretch that tweaks everyone in unexpected twists of sanity--as words of mass disruption ignite televised history.
The Crown of Crysaldor
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
After a dark age of three hundred years, an adventure begins to restore Crysaldor. The crown must be found that was thought lost forever.
Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime
A city dislodged from the history books hides a monstrous secret.
Hubble Bubble, Toilet Trouble
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
A house that gurgles in the night conceals a secret which will change Sissy Blake's life, not to mention the world.
Stolen Hearts: Waking Nightmare
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Emory was a normal 21 year old girl. That drastically changes when a figure comes and steals her heart literally. Stranger still, she didn’t die.
His Gift
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Shiloh does not have the best life to begin with, but her crappy life is turned upside down when her mother is murdered.
Mila (A Three Part Story)
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, History
A young mother is captured during Rome's conquest of Britain and must fight as a gladiator to gain her freedom and find her son.
Wolf Heart
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
A girl finds herself in the home of a strange boy with no memory of her past.
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Starring a diverse handful protagonists on a quest to lift the curse from a small dragon, Qualadel is a comic reframing of classic high fantasy.
“No one’s supposed to see Easter Bunny!”
Fiction, Children's
Find out what happens to young Max when he accidently tumbles into Easter Bunny's basket.
Red Running River
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult
On the ancient banks of the Nile, Sarah’s ticket to freedom from slavery comes as almighty plagues that threaten the life of everyone around her.
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
About to die in a senseless accident? Don't worry, we've got you!
Snatchers—saving the human race from extinction, one life at a time...
Twiggy: Confessions of a Boy Scout
Fiction, Young Adult
Teenager Twiggy is a nerd who loves Scouts. But his world is changing. Can anyone save him from this life of acne, bullying and girls?
Search for the Sunlight
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Comedy
“Search for the Sunlight” - A fantasy fiction 'Treewood' adventure for young adults and those of us who are struggling to grow up.
Anthem For Doomed Youth
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Charlie is to hang in the morning. When the church bell strikes eight, the lever will be pulled. Only the Home Secretary can save him.
Fleas In Your Head
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Comedy
When Wallasey falls, the rest of England will follow.
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Beneath the civilised, middle-class veneer of the reservoir sailing club swirl dangerous currents of jealousy, secrets, lies ... and murder.