Books tagged with "gangland"

One Off, Sir!
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Ed Riley’s done his time. Over four years behind bars.
He’s powerfully built and now knows who shopped him.
Someone won’t sleep very well tonight.

The Sister
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Crime
She said it wasn't safe outside...
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
When they picked a fight with Grover, they picked on the wrong man.
White Island Fever
Fiction, Thriller, Travel, Crime
White Island Fever is a thriller chronicling the fallout from a betrayal with its roots in a myth from the beginnings of rave culture.
Of The Wastelands
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Is there any escape from the Wastelands or must you become what you loath to survive?
Four Short Scripts
Literary Fiction, Religious, Comedy, Crime
Four scripts for short plays all performed by Big Break Productions at the Chelmsford Fling Festival in 2011
The Kid: A True Story of Cocaine, Corruption, Deceit and Betrayal
Non-fiction, Biography, Popular Culture, Crime
He was the son of an East London policeman – but became one of South America's most notorious drug smugglers
All That Glisters
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Not just murder, burglary, gold and guns, but family, friendship and the occasional full English.
Catherine Wheel Alley
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Career criminals are being slaughtered. D.I. Jenkins must find a deranged killer whilst dealing with an underworld crime lord. Murder has never been so tricky.
Coming up (until tomorrow part 3)
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
With all their enemies gone Apocalypse need to cement their power base: trying to juggle humanity with strength but for criminals: enemies are everywhere.