Books tagged with "hardboiled"

Only the Holy Remain
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Ex-Marine chaplain turned Chicago homicide detective Frank “Preacher” Calhoun is on medical leave when his former Lieutenant, Father Pantone is killed.
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
A darkly complex, alternative noir tale following a bounty hunter in the corrupted city Acheron Park, exploring the nature of desperate men and deadlier women.
Binary Boys
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Crime
The Shogun's right hand man investigates an impossible murder and stumbles across a conspiracy that threatens to undermine galactic society.
EDGE: a Max Swift story
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Max Swift has always been running. Now the organization he's double crossed gets in his way..
Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Crime
An inexorable odyssey into the American psyche in the Mojave desert.