Books tagged with "hitler"

APACHE   Into Harm's Way
Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction, History
Spring 1940. The North Sea. A handful of Royal Navy destroyers must try and turn the tide of Germany's advance into Norway.
Her Sweetest Downfall
Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction
At the height of the Blitz, Viola Craft must decide whether to follow her heart or her head.
Maddalena - Mussolini’s Daughter of The Wolf
Non-fiction, History, Biography
Maddalena, a loyal and enthusiastic young fascist in Mussolini’s Italy, but her world is about to be smashed and broken beyond all recognition by WW2.
The Saving of NATION
Fiction, Historical Fiction, History
Anton Theril thought he was going to turn 18 on his birthday. Instead, he turned into a stranger whose entire life had been a lie.
Where Storm Clouds Gather
Fiction, Thriller
An espionage story set in 1970 that takes the reader through Europe and South America
From Hugs to Kisses
Romance, Non-fiction, Biography, Comedy
Stephen Bauer's journey into puberty is recounted to the air "Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosie, as the light declines, I remember Dublin city, in the rare oul times!"
The Journal
Historical Fiction
The lives of a Nazi Officer, Polish Doctor and Jewish boy become inextricably linked, blurring the boundaries between good and evil.
Stranded In Paradise
Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction
"Stranded" is an action-adventure story set in 1960 using the mysterious setting of the Bermuda Triangle as its backdrop.
Fiction, Historical Fiction, History, Gay
A story of forbidden love.
The Snake and the Serpent
Fiction, Thriller, History
Munich 1941. Two sisters who are leaders on opposing sides become entwined in a plot to undermined Hitler, altering the path of the War.
SHARDA SMIRITI-an anti-thesis to Manu-Smiriti
Non-fiction, History, Religious
The dark history of inhuman social engineering-how original people were dispossessed from their land and put into nitch of inferiro status in India.
The Hitler Letters
History, Comedy
Hitler, in his own words, as he writes to various people while a starving artist in Vienna at the beginning of the century.
The Last Way Station: Hitler's Final Journey
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Moments after Adolf Hitler kills himself, he discovers he's en route to a numbingly cold, solitary holding cell in the afterworld, where eternal judgement awaits.
The Nazi Conspiracy
Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction
What if Hitler didn't really commit suicide in 1945? What would he be doing today?
Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, Young Adult
A historical romance about a celebrated opera singer in German-occupied France singing the ultimate song of courage and freedom.

Complete at 60,000 words.
Darwin's War: Science, Politics, Warfare, Faith and Sacrifice: The 416th Bomb Group’s Sacrifices to Defeat Eugenics
Historical Fiction, History, Harper True Life, Religious
Darwin’s War implicates eugenics in establishing public policies that directed governments into WW-II, by revealing science’s role in the holocaust--on both sides of the battlefield
The Hitler Canvas
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Historical Fiction
Fast-paced story of espionage, war, romance and the supernatural. A cabaret singer and portrait painter is recruited by the British Secret Service in 1936…
The Next Ice Age.
Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, History, Comedy
Is global warming a reality? Is not another ice age a more likely scenario? Perhaps global warming has more connections to politics than to science.
Never Never Never
Fiction, Historical Fiction
The true story that might have been
Dunkirk Spirit
Fiction, Historical Fiction
The story of the men and women who rescued an army and turned the tide of World War Two.