Books tagged with "honest"

Alone in a Room
Fiction, Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Harper True Life
The writings have been called extremely vivid, direct, and even straight to the core of the topic with many added layers
Gooseman - Move on, Move up
Biography, Comedy
A book about the last four years of my life and things I have had to overcome, bullying, confidence issues and rejection
Meditative Musings
Literary Fiction, Harper True Life, Christian, Religious
Musings about Faith and Life
 Stars for each Symphony
Fiction, Fantasy, Biography
Kiss me and taste the air in my lungs.
A selection of songs without music
Double Spaced Anachronistic Propaganda in Times New Roman
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
Ash Riot's sharp, witty, funny rise to becoming a media-messiah through a platform of rage and the insistence that we are all awful.
Beauty School Drop Out
Fiction, Chick Lit, Comedy
A quarter-life crisis sends an unfulfilled beautician on a mission determine her life purpose.
The weight of one life (Published and available)
Non-fiction, Biography
Purified gold has been passed through fire.
Layers Of The Heart
Non-fiction, Harper True Life, Christian
Though this book is short in length, it is long on meaning. Often in life, the most impactful words are found in the shortest sentences.
Painted Lives
Literary Fiction
An out of the box tale that combines the magic of Big Fish with the mystical qualities of The Alchemist, all told by Mark Twain.
Your Friends Have Secrets
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Popular Culture
Because sometimes falling out of love is more interesting than falling in it…
Calamity Cricket: Tales of Ladybridge CC
Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Harper True Life, Comedy
A comic look at this much-loved sport... when played by well-worn men. Follow the hapless efforts of this merry band of beer-bellied amateurs.