Books tagged with "humor"

A Place to Stand
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
Rhae Peters is trying to find a way to carry on with life after the surprising death of her husband.
A Stony Path: Lived and Imagined Troubles
Fiction, Horror, Popular Science, Comedy
Here are short stories, a play, poems in many forms from sonnets to free verse. Stars, comments, and backings much appreciated.
Fame and Infamy
Romance, Historical Fiction, Comedy, Crime
Stranded in Paris and facing danger, an American must rebuild her life under a false name.
Going Afterlife
Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Being dead is bad enough. But Denton Smith can't remember his past life either, save how it ended - and that he'd rather forget.
Fiction, Thriller, Christian, Crime
When private detective John Wesley Tucker is hired to do a simple background check on an aspiring politician, he finds him self stalked by evil.
The TRUTH About Commander Dart
Science Fiction, Christian
Painfully shy Commander Harry Dart finds it hard to live anywhere but in outer space. Until he learns to stand up for himself….
Orphan of Greenwich Village
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Popular Culture
It’s 1953 and George is in the fourth grade and living by himself... in New York's Greenwich Village.
How To Get Away With Murder In New York
Popular Culture, Instructional, Comedy, Crime
This book takes a hysterical look at the criminal justice system. I laughed myself silly writing it.
Christian, Religious, Comedy often quoted, but fictional, book of the Bible.
Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Inventor Shark Darkson yearns to escape his paralysis one way or another.
Last Name Unknown
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
Addison Walker has had a run of bad luck for the past few months. Little does she realize her luck is about to turn deadly.
The Truths and Lies of Happily Ever Afters
Romance, Young Adult, Comedy
Because in real life, there is so much more to a fairy tale ending than Disney leads you to believe.
Fiction, Chick Lit
Everyone loves secrets, sneak a peek at Dreamcity. Delve into a starlet's world as she claws her way to fame
I have a PH.D. – Now where's my job? A postgraduate’ self-portrayed journey into the real (and cruel) world…
Non-fiction, Biography
"A lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. Unfortunately, they don't have a J.O.B." - Fats Domino
The Suicide Faerie
Fiction, Fantasy
It's one bizarre road trip when a Suicide faerie who’s very good at her job meets a Life faerie who’s suddenly excellent at hers.
Going Nowhere
Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Comedy
A comic middle grade fantasy about someone who literally cannot do anything right, on a hopeless quest to find where soap bubbles go.
Case of Crimson
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Comedy, Crime
Izek is always seeking trouble but in the town of Crimson trouble is best left buried.
A King in Time
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Arthur, Prince of Wales and future King of England, must decide if he wants to return to his own time in 2100 A.D.
German Derelict
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Comedy
After saving her life from a pair of Iranian soldiers, Trevor Knight and Autumn Caldwell must work together to stop Iran from unleashing nuclear war.
As You Wish
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Comedy
Nouvelle is kicked out of her house and sent to work for some family friends on a farm. It doesn't go well.