Books tagged with "humour"

Diary of a Hoarder's Daughter
Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Harper True Life, Comedy
A true story of living with an extreme hoarder written with honesty and humour.
The Truths and Lies of Happily Ever Afters
Romance, Young Adult, Comedy
Because in real life, there is so much more to a fairy tale ending than Disney leads you to believe.
End Time Gentlemen
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Comedy
The end of the world is nigh and getting nigher. Don't worry though. Every mushroom cloud has a silver lining.
 Ethereal Witnesses
Fiction, Fantasy
Entranced medium, Karen Wilson, produces ectoplasm. Spirits cover their ethereal bodies and materialise, taking on solid forms in the dark.

You Lose Some, You Win One
Fiction, Romance, Comedy
When you've only ever loved one woman, moving on is never going to be easy.
The Wyvern & The Witchfinder
Fiction, Comedy
In the corner of Somerset where the Cotswolds fade and the Mendips rise, curious goings-on abound
Banana Brains
Fiction, Children's, Comedy
Banana Brains is a collection of humorous, weird, and unexpected tales for children.
Bad Business
Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
It’s hard to succeed in the Fashion world, when you don’t know what Fashion is. This is an irreverent fantasy story of one man’s attempt.
Nigel the Ordinary Boy
Fiction, Comedy
Nigel, nuns and Job Centre. A house converted into five apartments complete with dodgy tenants and caretaker. Thwart looms large for the Ordinary Boy
Lesbian Puff
Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
Set in Scotland's Capital City,Edinburgh.Marriage breakdown, cannabis,alcohol,and gambling addictions.Can Ryan beat his demons and find love again.
Worse Than Senseless Things
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Comedy
Stealing the spaceship;big mistake. Taking it to Tau Ceti; a bigger mistake. If he was very very lucky, he might live to regret those mistakes.
The Adventures of the Tricycle Kid
A warm and humorous account of growing up in Belfast in the Fifties and Sixties. It comes with a good dose of nostalgia as standard.
The Shape Changer
Jiren was born a shape-changer. Can he use this ability to save the day when all the spell-workers are arrested?
The Boy from Earth
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
Bookworm Jack Disor was more than excited to discover a world as fantastic as any fairytale, but he never expected to be the main villain
Case of Crimson
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Comedy, Crime
Izek is always seeking trouble but in the town of Crimson trouble is best left buried.
The Bamboo Man
Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult, Crime
A road rage incident whisks an ordinary man from his routine everyday life into a world where death follows him around.
Going Afterlife
Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Being dead is bad enough. But Denton Smith can't remember his past life either, save how it ended - and that he'd rather forget.
Fiction, Comedy
A crossbow wielding assassin, the Director of Central Intelligence, two jazzers, and a clothing optional ex-cheerleader are all chasing a boomerang with a hidden secret.

The Smile That Hid a Thousand Lies - My battle with booze (A Painted Smile - retitled)
Non-fiction, Biography, Harper True Life
A mother confronts her past to battle alcoholism - while her daughter battles to hide their secret.
Starfire Flight
Fiction, Children's, Young Adult, Comedy
Swallows and Amazons for the 21st Century