Books tagged with "indie"

So Say the Waiters
Fiction, Thriller, Popular Culture
Henry is hired by kidnApp, a social network that allows people to schedule their own kidnAppings. Only thing is, he needs serious help.
The Path Less Traveled
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
A thrilling, epic fantasy adventure suitable for young adults and experienced readers alike
My Little Brother Just Discovered Rock 'N' Roll
Children's, Young Adult, Comedy
P.E., Maths and Rock n Roll...
Songs from the Other Side of the Wall
Fiction, Literary Fiction
17 year-old Sandrine grows up in post-communist Hungary and dreams of moving to the West. An Eastern European "Norwegian Wood" Complete at 67,000 words
indie Warrior
Non-fiction, Biography, Popular Culture
The 90's the last great decade for alternative music;Baggy,Grunge and Britpop all in the same ten years seen from the outside looking in.
Between the Ditches
Fiction, Literary Fiction
A witty greeting card writer sets out to kick rejection, gluten induced paranoia and heartbreak to the curb while on a sales trip.
Third Person War
Fiction, Biography, Religious
A Semi-biography.

Dreaming. Remembering. Living.

Three fictitious stages Timmy, Tim, slips through as he searches for truth his conscience can accept.​
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Grosse Pointe, Michigan private investigator John Rockne looks into the murder of a beautiful woman and quickly uncovers links to his own, mysterious past.
Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Is it possible for an author to write a reader's pain? Year Zero Writers respond in their second anthology