Books tagged with "indie"

So Say the Waiters
Fiction, Thriller, Popular Culture
Henry is hired by kidnApp, a social network that allows people to schedule their own kidnAppings. Only thing is, he needs serious help.
My Little Brother Just Discovered Rock 'N' Roll
Children's, Young Adult, Comedy
P.E., Maths and Rock n Roll...
Songs from the Other Side of the Wall
Fiction, Literary Fiction
17 year-old Sandrine grows up in post-communist Hungary and dreams of moving to the West. An Eastern European "Norwegian Wood" Complete at 67,000 words
indie Warrior
Non-fiction, Biography, Popular Culture
The 90's the last great decade for alternative music;Baggy,Grunge and Britpop all in the same ten years seen from the outside looking in.
Between the Ditches
Fiction, Literary Fiction
A witty greeting card writer sets out to kick rejection, gluten induced paranoia and heartbreak to the curb while on a sales trip.
Third Person War
Fiction, Biography, Religious
A Semi-biography.

Dreaming. Remembering. Living.

Three fictitious stages Timmy, Tim, slips through as he searches for truth his conscience can accept.​
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Grosse Pointe, Michigan private investigator John Rockne looks into the murder of a beautiful woman and quickly uncovers links to his own, mysterious past.
Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Is it possible for an author to write a reader's pain? Year Zero Writers respond in their second anthology