Books tagged with "intense"

The Bed Next To Mine
Fiction, Romance
Kate believes a letter she wrote to her baby eighteen years previously hasn't been read. Her mother delivers good news
along with a shocking revelation.
Fiction, Young Adult, Crime
Reid is tired of struggling to provide his sister, so when a mysterious school offers them both a better life, he can't help but accept.
26 Days
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Can love begin without stupidity involved? Do 'A's' at MIT give advantages with women? Lance and Pat chase love through dangerous Boston crowds.
The Snare of the Fowler
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult
Winning makes a warrior a legend. Losing is not an option. Egypt’s races are about to begin.
Cedric the Demonic Knight
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Cedric is facing the crossroads: falling in love with his Lady or revenge on the Dark Sorceress who created him.
The Find
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
A cleaning lady with a desperately ill child finds a mobster's Rolex--and trouble.
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
This fast, action packed novel, where Detective Jack Chamberlain must work with and around the system, to find the victim of an atrocious crime.
The Oktober Projekt
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller
The Oktober Projekt is a contemporary spy thriller set in a world where blackmail and murder are the standard weapons in personal battles for survival.
Resounding Echoes
Romance, Young Adult
Kal and Aria were the cutest couple ever, until the shooting.
Stories from a Leaking Mind
Fiction, Comedy
A collection of short stories, some humorous, some thoughtful, some disturbing, some just plain daft, and some are all of the above.
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Young Adult

In the future, life is a privilege.

Carriage Six
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Terry Ryan wants money, women and power. After witnessing his family fall apart as a boy he will stop at nothing to get it.
The Color of Light
Literary Fiction, Young Adult
Angie's trying to reach her broken brother, but everything she does pushes him further into a confused and violent friendship she can't understand.
Tattooed Angels **Currently rewriting first 6 Chapters**
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
A teen pulled into the mysteries of an ancient race of humans who wield elemental powers finds himself becoming immortal.
THE DARK INTRUDER - The First Book -
Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction
Is he an emissary...a destructive force... a charlatan?
Or the charmer...the love activist , liberal in his devotion, blown in to steal her heart away?

Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Christian
A teenage boy leaves his old life to become a man as a dark secret is reawakened.
The Ugly Face of Beauty.
Historical Fiction
The Ugly Face of Beauty is a densely plotted psychological drama about the fragility of beauty. (Moral of the Story) Beauty is only skin deep.
A Rite of Passage
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Ellen Maguire is in her late thirties,and now finds herself on the successful popular fiction writers treadmill. Then there is a call from home...
Vestal Virgin--suspense in ancient Rome
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Historical Fiction
Elissa Rubria, priestess of the sacred flame, sworn to chastity, is locked in a deadly game of wits, sex and insanity—with the Emperor Nero.
Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Christian, Religious
A planetary assassin seeks out the ultimate power in the universe.