Books tagged with "japanese"

Fiction, Romance, Young Adult
What if you have to decide on something?
What if you are bound to lose someone?
What if you have to hide your emotions?
Psyche Revolution
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Religious
Two teenagers navigate a war-soaked world sixty years after a global disaster. The setting is a theocratic society determined to eliminate all creativity. Science-fiction/steam punk.
Dark Reflection Book I - COLLAPSE OF CREATION + Bittersweet Beginning
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
When Princess Angela finds a mirror in a haunted castle, her dark reflection comes to life. Now she faces the shadow of her soul!
Wisdom & Folly (Table Top Tales)
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
In this multiple-choice adventure, you’re the star of the story! Consider what you want the main character to do then visit various number-sections.
Powerful Poetry: Categorical Collection
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Non-fiction
This metaphysical masterpiece explores the heights and depths of existence in our human hearts and minds – spanning time and space (separated into convenient categories).
Crisis in Christmas Town
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
A merry band of friends sets out to prevent Santa's top worker from taking over Christmas Town and enslaving elves with his magic scepter.
Obscurum Speculum Book II - DARK DIMENSION Neverending Nightmare
Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult
After an evil dragon kidnaps a beautiful princess, it's up to a brave prince and a noble unicorn to bring her back.
noitcelfeR kraD Book III - RENAISSANCE OF REALITY Haunted Happyending
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Comedy
Every little girl wishes to be a princess. One little lady was about to break through the barrier between nightmares and dreams.
Stealing Home
Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, Young Adult
A survivor of Japanese interment. An abused wife. A suicidal man. Three lives intersect, and love is found.
Raveled by You (Enflamed Series)
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Erotica
An erotic Romance about a one-night stand between a middle class girl looking for love and a mysterious, sexy Japanese man.
Melaney and the Mirror
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Demons and unseen creatures await Melaney on the other side of the mirror…
Jason's War
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction
When invaders attacked another planet, he was called on to save two worlds.
The Lesson
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
A Japanese female assassin refuses to take the life a child and must deal with the consequences that follow.
The Three Fiefs
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy
The Three Fiefs tells the tale of three small domains in a distant corner of the land of Shinija.
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Young Adult
Picture this...
Bleeding Earth, Golden Heaven
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
An ambitious youth must become emperor of his warrior's society while a mistress, a samurai and a ninja help restore honor to the throne.
Binary Boys
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Crime
The Shogun's right hand man investigates an impossible murder and stumbles across a conspiracy that threatens to undermine galactic society.
The Sword Smith's Lady
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Could you share your husband with a goddess? Would you share your body with her? What if your livelihood depended on her?
The Fourth World
Science Fiction, Children's, Young Adult, Comedy
A high school run by Aliens underneath the Nevada desert? Ancient legends coming true? Kids learning to fly UFOs? Yep -- that's the fourth world!
The Big 40h
Literary Fiction, Thriller
Broken marriage and trolleyed career, ad man Danny Harrison approaches the big 40 with murder in the back of his mind.