Books tagged with "laugh"

Clown Shoes
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
What good is a clown with no sense of humour? What good is a wanderer with no direction?
Barnacle Brat (a dark comedy for grown-ups)
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Comedy
Losing your grip on reality is a real bummer.
PLANET mini-Me: Some Abbreviated Sarcastic Ramblings on Anything and Everything that Amuses or Irritates - me.
Non-fiction, Business, Travel, Comedy
The world Tony inhabits, many will recognise. But some of his solutions to the key issues of the day might make a few wince.
Teatime for the Dead - a Peoplestone People mystery
Comedy, Crime
The First International Sugar Cube, Sachet and Sugar Stick Artists' Convention is disrupted by kidnappings, Morris dancing henchmen and a man stuck ina seventies timewarp.
Two dogs, our bags and no idea!
Non-fiction, Biography, Travel, Harper True Life
Catch up with my family and I as we again laugh, cry, and enjoy life with a smattering of positive spin for good measure.
Meditative Musings
Literary Fiction, Harper True Life, Christian, Religious
Musings about Faith and Life
Just When I Needed to Laugh
Children's, Non-fiction, Harper True Life, Comedy
When Olivia awoke, I asked her if she had to go pee. She answered "No Mommy, I went pee yesterday".
Cemetery Street
Fiction, Literary Fiction
In a snowy cemetery, James Morrison reenacts a childhood ritual, unleashing an avalanche of memories. Share this read with a box of tissues!
Dodgy Business
Fiction, Harper True Life, Comedy
“So much fun to read. Terrific work. I will be putting it on my book shelf for sure. I wish you had posted more “
Royal Flush
Fiction, Romance, Comedy
Royal Flush is now available on Amazon!
My Life at the Magical Beings' Rehabilitation center
Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult, Comedy
Morgan L. Fae was perfectly normal. And then she met Dave, the stupid and chubby vampire, and Frey the not-so-sweet werewolf. Welcome to the MBRC.
Conquer Fear One Day At A Time
Popular Culture, Instructional, Christian, Religious
A 365 day "Fear Not" daily devotional that encourages readers to stand on God's Word through daily scriptures with commentary.

Rotten Rotty
Fiction, Children's, Young Adult, Comedy
A humorous dog's version of her own life.
Fiction, Comedy
Some of my Best Friends Have Jobs
Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
Ever been accused of duck necrophilia?
Ever been accused of paedophilia?
Ever knocked yourself out on a toilet?
Peter Tracey has.
House of Fleas
Fiction, Harper True Life, Comedy
Life as it unfolds with wrinkles and stains upon the fabric of my existence.
Girl World: Funny Stories From a Brutal Place
Young Adult, Non-fiction, Biography, Comedy
Girl world has its brutalities and ups and downs, but one things for sure, bitches make great material.
Fiction, Horror, Popular Culture, Comedy
Topical, satirical, scathing witty horror. Celebrity obsession, primetime talent shows, addiction, stand-up, murder and soap operas. Were it a recipe, Jamie Oliver would condemn it.
Business As Usual
Fiction, Comedy
Paul E. Hannah is a young innocent thrown into the Machiavellian machinations of Big Business. Will he sink, swim, or succeed without really trying?
Fiction, Thriller, Comedy
What do you do when the world you live in has changed beyond recognition, it's got ugly and you want out,what would you do?