Books tagged with "mini"

24 Hours From Tulse Hill
Fiction, Thriller, Popular Culture, Crime
Can a Scotland Yard detective recover from a bullet-shattered hip, damaged reputation, broken heart and his mid-life crisis? Does Bournemouth hold the answer?
Cold Hearts and Candy Floss
Fiction, Thriller, Popular Culture, Crime
Ex-Scotland Yard detective, Rob Trent attempts to turn the tide of serious crime at the seaside, and gets sand kicked in his face.
The Life Inside Maggie Pincus
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
12-year-old Maggie knows only sadness. But more lies beneath the surface. A new world of happiness awaits………if only she can survive it.
Liberation of my Senses
Romance, Fantasy, Religious, Erotica
Another chance to sample the words that liberate me