Books tagged with "murder"

His Gift
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Shiloh does not have the best life to begin with, but her crappy life is turned upside down when her mother is murdered.
Fiction, Chick Lit, Popular Culture, Crime
You have nothing to lose so you begin at the end with these four words. "I just killed someone."
Come Back, Johnny
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Comedy, Crime
Johnny Mack is not dead. Not yet.
Chase of a Ewe-lamb
Thriller, Romance, Historical Fiction
How does a beautiful woman becomes a despised and ugly outcast?

Can the man she loves save her from her worst enemy?

Where She Lies
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Dark secrets haunt the old novelist as she strives to complete her final work before it is too late. Can she really re-write childhood?
Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime
A city dislodged from the history books hides a monstrous secret.
The Blue Bike Murder
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
When Detective Inspector Tom Jackson has to investigate the murder of a youth, things are not as straightforward as they first seem.
Double Murder
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
A Murder Mystery Thriller
Third Time Lucky
Fiction, Thriller, Chick Lit, Crime
Three damaged women scarred emotionally and physically from their past.
Three individual battles to fight.
One Man to save them.
A Drug called Money
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Money is a drug. The ultimate aphrodisiac. Everyone is addicted even if they deny it. Some even murder to get it.
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Beneath the civilised, middle-class veneer of the reservoir sailing club swirl dangerous currents of jealousy, secrets, lies ... and murder.
Crippled Crows
Romance, Horror, Young Adult
Garreth Young struggles to survive a painful game under his abusive parents' roof. Until someone takes the game too far...
Oxford Psycho
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller, Crime
A high-functioning and wealthy Oxford undergraduate struggles with his murderous tendencies as he fights off boredom and insecurity.
Chastity - The girl with the OX Woman Tattoo
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller
The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) is compromised by a ring of Ukrainian prostitutes bent on seducing and poisoning British agents and stealing their identities.
Lizard Island - Murder In Cold Blood
Fiction, Crime
When murder visits the exclusive Lizard Island resort on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the Feds decide to "Call in Calhoun".
Amanda Cute and the Case of the Pussycat Sex Club
Fiction, Comedy, Crime
Who knew that Pussycat Headbands would be a surefire fast-track into a world of Snuff Porn, murder and drug barons?
Magic Conundrum
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Crime
It's a bad day to be a powerful wizard when a king mysteriously dies in front of you... and you are the only suspect.
No Good Deed
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Crime
Murder, broken relationships in need of repair, and an argument that if metaphysics were honest, it would be something unsettling and dark.
Final Demands - Dead Ends
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Young, rich entrepreneurs are losing their businesses, homes, families and, in some cases, their lives in a lethal pattern of organised crime.
The Blame Game
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Generally, murder is straight forward. However, their instructions are clear:
Leave witnesses.