Books tagged with "nature"

Galaxias and the Unnaturals
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Outcasts Sarah and Jack leave home to journey to another realm to help defend Earth against indestructible “Unnaturals” and seek truth about their mysterious ancestry.
What We Live For
Literary Fiction
Life is an inexplicable mystery. Andy slowly comes to understand it as he struggles away from his dark past and moves toward a brighter future.
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Cassie believes her life is perfect: good friends, a loving father, the ability to control nature. Until she is separated from all she loves.
Nothing But Flowers
Science Fiction, Young Adult
What do you do when the world has dodged disaster, but you're still not happy?
The Suicide Faerie
Fiction, Fantasy
It's one bizarre road trip when a Suicide faerie who’s very good at her job meets a Life faerie who’s suddenly excellent at hers.
The Circle of the Frealings
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Something stirs in the depths of Mistwood, a timeless evil almost forgotten. The Curse, long in slumber, has awoken, and Utopia is about to fall...
Worst Case Scenario
Literary Fiction, Romance, Popular Culture, Comedy
Bank worker Phoebe is at rock bottom. When she starts going on anti-war marches with a new friend, it kicks off a journey of self-discovery.
No Risk, No Reward
Fiction, Romance
Twenty-five year old park ranger, Ellie Bradshaw, had no way of knowing a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger would turn her world inside-out.
Plunge (Working Title)
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Rhedyn has committed the most horrible crime imaginable and she has no idea why. Worse, she probably won't live to find out.
Before the Sky Fell
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Young Adult
An ancient device capable of duplicating worlds isn’t something to tinker with. Especially for an exiled murderer, who has already killed himself once.
A Few Acres of Snow
Non-fiction, Biography
A back to nature tale set in the bush of Ontario, Canada.
Thunder Across The Valley
Historical Fiction
Adventure and Romance

Loonə Over Lilydale
Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
A father’s ConFaBuLaTioN brought to completion by his son; his epitaph.
Mason Wilson & The Dead Bird Debacle
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's
In solving the puzzle of what happens to birds when they die, a schoolboy encounters a reckless plan that could soon make them all extinct!
The Natural Order
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Young criminals are recruited for training at a school of magic, but for what dark purpose have they been chosen?
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Filled with tragedy, romance, heartbreak, abuse, and the supernatural, Broken tells the story of a sharp-witted girl trying to survive high school and her father.
The Mountain
Fiction, Young Adult
The Mountain is based in 1989 and tells the story of a young teacher in his first job and a troubled girl.
Fantasy, Young Adult, Christian
Adventure, intrigue, mystery, and a little dash of poison. This adventure is a tale of discovery you won't want to put down until the end.
The Qualities of Wood
Fiction, Literary Fiction
A girl is found in the woods and a tangle of secrets unravels.
Can Vivian trust her impressions? Can she trust anyone?
MASTER ACT: a memoir
Non-fiction, Biography, Harper True Life, Gay
To be born into love is the greatest gift. But what happens to love when events turn a boy's world upside down?