Books tagged with "nostalgic"

Drifting Fines: Consequences
Fiction, Christian
The same overactive mind that made Christian rich and powerful must be restrained long enough to defeat a curse set to wipe off his family.

Is That All There Is?
Chick Lit, Romance, Travel, Comedy
A young girl's struggle to find love and break free from her strict Catholic background during a time of seismic sexual change in Britain.
Fiction, Children's, Young Adult
If you grew up in West Africa...this could so easily have been your life. It will bring back memories and make you smile :)
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Children's, Young Adult
Martin’s parents are off to tour Britain and France. Martin is stuck with his Uncle Chick in Maine. Uncle Chick is gay.
Sorrows of a Changing Face
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
The saga of Cyn Augustine--beautiful youth, missionary, pop icon, wife, mother, and above-average swimmer--is recounted by the narrator who fell for her long ago.
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy
From hacker to apprentice urban fantasy for geeks.
Grass Knots
Literary Fiction
The story of kids 'discovering life' in the mid-1950s, told through the eyes of Mick, a member of a gang of six boys.
Aw Faw Dow
Join Lizzie and her family as they negotiate life in 1960s West London. I challenge you not to laugh and suspect you might even cry!