Books tagged with "pilot"

Fiction, Historical Fiction, Christian, Religious
A woman, born in Bethlehem the same night as Jesus, devotes her life to follow in His footsteps.
The God String
Fiction, Science Fiction
Rand is alone on Earth until he discovers another survivor. But she's in orbit. Now they must work together to survive and restore humanity.
The Life of Captain Reilly
Fiction, Travel, Comedy
A shocking but hilarious insight to the world of modern aviation through the experiences of a fictional airline pilot.
Fiction, Thriller, Popular Science
Given just months to live, Jake Bronson never dreamed that a freak accident would draw him into a whirlwind of terror, self-sacrifice and love.
Airline Pilot Training UK/USA (Working Title)
Non-fiction, Biography, Harper True Life, Comedy
Flight training UK / USA - When it all goes wrong.
Test Pilot's Daughter: Dead Reckoning
Fiction, Thriller, Chick Lit, Romance
The sequel to Revenge, Dead Reckoning follows Christina Matthews into space. Launched in NASA’s space shuttle, she finds herself in the middle of nuclear war.
Bad Altitude
Fiction, Travel, Comedy
Follow airline steward Mike Taylor as he jets around the world, dealing with outrageous colleagues and passengers in this rude but funny novel.
The absolute beginners guide to becoming a pilot.
Non-fiction, Instructional
This is a non technical, laymans guide to the process of becoming a JAA rated pilot. From the trial lesson to the Commercial Test.
My War
Historical Fiction, Erotica
From 1939 to 1945, Squadron Leader Peter Freygood overcomes anti-Semitism, anti-colonialism, innumerable encounters with the enemy, and the normal problems associated with coming of age.