Books tagged with "rat"

The Smiling Stallion Inn (Legends of Arria, Vol. 1)
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy
Teenage love, angst, comedy and family affairs in a fantasy village plagued by supernatural and human minions of evil overlord.
Council of the Ark
Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Christian
Did the Maker's plan really work?
Why aren't we in paradise now?
Without the help of these beasts,
we might not be here at all...
Council of the Ark HUNTED
Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Christian
At village center sixteen poles
intended for the Council's skulls,
Canaan's hatred, seething, blind,
great hunter of another kind
on strings which Saryosa pulls
William and the Three Feathers
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
When pirates attack a peaceful mouse village, William must find a way to save his friends before they are doomed to the sea rat galleys.