Books tagged with "relationships"

Glass Half Full
Non-fiction, Biography, Travel, Harper True Life
Is the glass half empty or half full? Ironically, sometimes life influences our view, and alters our perception.
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult
A guy travels across the galaxy in search of the girl he loves, and learns that there's more to life than chasing desperate obsessions.
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction
True gold may lie right in front of you, but you’ll never see it if you expect it to shine.
Considering Jacob
Fiction, Popular Culture
For Mary, a woman of a certain age, meeting Jacob seems like a dream come true, until it becomes a nightmare.
The Day Will Come
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Crime
The new neighbour knows Samantha's secret from the past. He is prepared to use it against her. She could lose everything.
Changes in the Tide
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Young Adult
A dead sailor, a cute guy, and a museum. Olivia's history project isn't turning out the way she expected it to.
Orbs and the Attack of the Hair Spiders
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
A wizarding family must solve the mysterious murders taking place in the town of Brickabrack with the help of a Forest Gnome called Orbs.
You Lose Some, You Win One
Fiction, Romance, Comedy
When you've only ever loved one woman, moving on is never going to be easy.
Lesbian Puff
Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
Set in Scotland's Capital City,Edinburgh.Marriage breakdown, cannabis,alcohol,and gambling addictions.Can Ryan beat his demons and find love again.
No Good Deed
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Crime
Murder, broken relationships in need of repair, and an argument that if metaphysics were honest, it would be something unsettling and dark.
Everybody Else
Fiction, Young Adult, Comedy
Follow Sid, Leo and Connor as they learn to live, love and let go.
Clown Shoes
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
What good is a clown with no sense of humour? What good is a wanderer with no direction?
This Changes My Family and My Life Forever, Volume II, The Spanners Series
Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Earth's first five years of The Transition in the Many Worlds Collective by younger Earthers related to Clara Branon, Chief Communicator/liaison.
God Save the Queen
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
Two people, several decades apart, fighting against the same disease. One tries to save as many lives as possible, the other is actively ending them.
A  Tender  Bloody  Vengeance
Thriller, Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Taryn doesn't want the husband Pa has chosen. Unwilling to accept, Taryn runs away from one problem straight into another, and dangerous bloody vengeance.
The Way. Vol 1. Book 1. 'Prisoners of the Gyre'
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Star mythology brought them together. That they unravel the true meaning of the zodiac was to become a matter of survival for all.
The Memory of Stars (formerly body, remember)
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Erotica
"It's never the catastrophes that set us on our way. The catastrophe is how we end it. Our beginnings are a different thing entirely."
Red Clover
Fiction, Literary Fiction
The troubled son of a callous father and socialite mother rethinks his future after learning shocking family secrets.
The Year of Us
Fiction, Literary Fiction
How do you forgive yourself for the unforgivable?
Lillian White's Journey
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
Lillian White takes you on a journey of complicated relationships and single parenthood, chaos and commitment phobia.