Books tagged with "religion"

No Good Deed
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Crime
Murder, broken relationships in need of repair, and an argument that if metaphysics were honest, it would be something unsettling and dark.
A Complicated Fiction
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Christian
Until at last, late afternoon
When Phoenix dims her Light
The Journey ends where it began
With yet the start in sight.
Nancy Allen  & the Cherokee Trail of Tears
Romance, Historical Fiction, Biography

Steamy historical fiction authentic in its depiction of sex, history and the Bible.
The Second Coming
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror
With global anti-terrorism forces pursuing Rupert, a stranger with catastrophic plans invites him to develop teleport technology. Escaping abduction he must confront the stranger.
The Earthly City
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Christian, Religious
Christian fantasy or Christian science fiction or urban fantasy: you decide. London is developing into a single organic being, reducing its citizens to mere cells.
The Latter Day Church of Tiny Tim
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Religious
An epic tale of survival in Victorian London.
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Thought provoking, fast paced, scary, heart-warming and ultimately - optimistic. This is PILGRIMAGE.
What We Live For
Literary Fiction, Biography, Harper True Life
Life is an inexplicable mystery. Andy slowly comes to understand it as he struggles away from his dark past and moves toward a brighter future.
Reclaim Your Spirit, Heal Your Soul
Non-fiction, Instructional, Christian, Religious
Life's journey doesn't begin well for many people and they are ever struggling just to find themselves when love is all we need.
The Circle of the Frealings
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Something stirs in the depths of Mistwood, a timeless evil almost forgotten. The Curse, long in slumber, has awoken, and Utopia is about to fall...
Barnacle Brat (a dark comedy for grown-ups)
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Comedy
Losing your grip on reality is a real bummer.
Has the Cat got your Tongue?
Non-fiction, Biography
"Don't you dare cry!"
The Other's Battle
Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
When the final days of judgment arrive who will the major players be?
What I wish I knew before converting or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the mikvah
Non-fiction, Instructional, Religious
Many conversion books tell the story of one person’s path to Judaism, this one tells you everything you need to know about the process.
When Saints Pray
Instructional, Harper True Life, Christian, Religious
"When Saints Pray" reveals the heartbeat of the intercessor. It's practical and relevant truths will cause your prayer life to intensify.
The Angel Chord
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Supernatural thriller: three strangers stumble into an End of Days demonic plot and discover that atheistic, hooker-using and guitar-playing angels are the world's only hope.
Cursed: Demon's Daughter
Fiction, Thriller, Horror
Wanted by law enforcements. Chased by drug cartels. Hunted by demons...
Hariklia's Icons. Translated in Greek and soon to be published in Greece!!!
Historical Fiction, History, Biography, Harper True Life
Sometimes things begin before they begin. Like Hariklia’s fate – sealed before she was born.
Psyche Revolution
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Religious
Two teenagers navigate a war-soaked world sixty years after a global disaster. The setting is a theocratic society determined to eliminate all creativity. Science-fiction/steam punk.
The One True Bank
Fiction, Science Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
A satire for the 99%