Books tagged with "resilience"

Has the Cat got your Tongue?
Non-fiction, Biography
Don't you dare cry.....
Science Fiction, Young Adult
Follows a female gladiator whose journey from young schoolchild to warrior woman produces great trials, yet still she searches on for her friend.
A Taste for Intensity
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance
This inspirational novel will bring you into an intense and emotional journey in the depth of human soul.
Fiction, Historical Fiction, History
We're all buffetted by the storm of life, however, in Rita's case, the storm is turn of the century Zimbabwe and her life? Well....
Tough Character: The Path to Ultimate Resilience
Non-fiction, Biography, Crime
In this combination memoir and personal coaching session, a top FBI agent describes how experiences with the Mob and Al-Qaeda taught him spiritual resilience.
Better Off Dead
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Young Adult
Made vampire through violent attack, Jason’s ordeal isn’t over. His unintentional maker despises him, and the human brother he can’t let go is in danger.
Mine Has Been No Ordinary Life
Horror, Non-fiction, Harper True Life, Crime
I've learned alot these past few months. I keep up the attempt to explain the unexplanable. Is it me? Is it them? I don't know