Books tagged with "romance"

Without a Backward Glance
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Sinister organization kidnaps 16-yr old over her breakthrough technology, protecting the formula and her family, she fights to outsmart them.

So Much Depends
Literary Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Charlie had always prepared for the best and hoped for the worst. It was the hole in between that caught him by surprise.
The Walking Game
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction
"They said that my wheelchair was a safe haven a shot at being normal, it's a prison. I'd do anything to walk, even face death."
Fraternity of Giants
Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, Young Adult
It seems I am destined to spend my life looking up. With a giant and a hero for best friends, I had little choice.
A Place to Stand
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
Rhae Peters is trying to find a way to carry on with life after the shocking death of her husband.
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
"Governesses never are heroines in a romance - perhaps that is just as well. If romantic heroines behaved like governesses there would be no story."
In the Face of the Sun
Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
When Zoe finds lost pieces of her life, love is included, but the shockwaves could splinter our world.
Something Beautiful
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Erotica
Do you believe in fate? What about second chances?
Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
At the heart of tragedy, beats a desire to survive...
All Ashore
Fiction, Romance
Falling off a cruise ship, washing up on an island, Sara and Scott fight to stay alive through near death experiences while denying mounting attractions.
Fame and Infamy
Romance, Historical Fiction, Comedy, Crime
Stranded in Paris and facing danger, an American must rebuild her life under a false name.
Escaping Fate
Literary Fiction, Romance, Young Adult
The story of Tessa Grey and Chase Morgan in their search for life, love, and ultimately each other.
Considering Jacob
Fiction, Popular Culture
For Mary, a woman of a certain age, meeting Jacob seems like a dream come true, until it becomes a nightmare.
The Hell Where Youth and Laughter Go
Fiction, Literary Fiction, History, Popular Culture
Suez kept an whole British Army occupied. Some of this army were good soldiers; others were not...
A ladder of panties
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Comedy
He was destined to take the world by storm. Unfortunately he hit himself first.
The Blame Game
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Generally, murder is straight forward. However, their instructions are clear:
Leave witnesses.
Stolen Hearts: Waking Nightmare
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Emory was a normal 21 year old girl. That drastically changes when a figure comes and steals her heart literally. Stranger still, she didn’t die.
The Virus
Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction, Horror
A simple revenge killing becomes a chase that leads to the destruction of life as the Post-Fall population knows it. The fear is alive.
Beauty for Ashes
Fiction, Romance, Christian, Religious
Married at twenty, divorced with a child at twenty-two; she spent the next twenty years searching for love that kept eluding her.
Trumped by Secrets
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Comedy
Kim and Jack spark a national melt up--a psyche stretch that tweaks everyone in unexpected twists of sanity--as words of mass disruption ignite televised history.