Books tagged with "sex"

Fiction, Comedy
Push,press,lift,stack.Push,press,lift,stack. Then die.
Working Men
Fiction, Thriller, Erotica
They were young. They were gorgeous. They were for sale. And they were dying. Their boss couldn't understand why.
Rendezvous: Y Dyn Bach
Fiction, Romance, Erotica
Yes! Yes! Yes! She screamed. No don't kiss me; we mustn't get emotional involved; I'm going to America next week, to get married!
A Drug called Money
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Money is a drug. The ultimate aphrodisiac. Everyone is addicted even if they deny it. Some even murder to get it.
One Off, Sir!
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Ed Riley’s done his time. Over four years behind bars.
He’s powerfully built and now knows who shopped him.
Someone won’t sleep very well tonight.

Chase of a Ewe-lamb
Thriller, Romance, Historical Fiction
How does a beautiful woman becomes a despised and ugly outcast?

Can the man she loves save her from her worst enemy?

The Witch of Fleet Street
Thriller, Romance, Historical Fiction
London 1659 A tale of witchcraft, wickedness and betrayal that will spook you to the core.
Where She Lies
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Dark secrets haunt the old novelist as she strives to complete her final work before it is too late. Can she really re-write childhood?
Chronicles of a Dancing Heart
Fiction, Romance
Sara and Tom have shattered hearts in need of healing, but everything has a price, including happiness.
Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Travel
Something is not right. But what is wrong?! Dean driving from the 1st world, into the 3rd, to live the question.
Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime
A city dislodged from the history books hides a monstrous secret.
The Crusades of Medieval America: Symphony of Steel
Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Ricki wants revenge against the Warlord killing her family. Falling in love with an Immortal Knight forces her to juggle romance, destiny, and cheat death.
Soft Comes the Wolf
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Swiss Guard Peter Reich investigates a Vatican underworld of money laundering, extortion, and murder controlled by an entity known only as "The Wolf."
Lothario & The New Girl
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Erotica
Curiosity starts a war of wills between a modern day Lothario and his intended conquest. Until her father intervenes.
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror
Welcome to Ambleton, a lovely coastal town full of charm, character and gratuitous violence.
Guilty Lovers
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
Seven acquaintances become entwined within a poisonous web of sex, money, murder, scandal and deceit when a married man begins an affair.
Lesbian Puff
Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
Set in Scotland's Capital City,Edinburgh.Marriage breakdown, cannabis,alcohol,and gambling addictions.Can Ryan beat his demons and find love again.
The Suicide Faerie
Fiction, Fantasy
It's one bizarre road trip when a Suicide faerie who’s very good at her job meets a Life faerie who’s suddenly excellent at hers.
Literary Fiction, Travel, Instructional
Africa, seen by an aid worker who gets himself into a lot of trouble. Adventurous, amusing but critical to western profit making minded society.
Everybody Else
Fiction, Young Adult, Comedy
Follow Sid, Leo and Connor as they learn to live, love and let go.