Books tagged with "spies"

La Belle Époque de la Vapeur
Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction
We're building a team of brains and muscle for the world’s first intelligence gathering network, and I want you to be my partner.
Soft Comes the Wolf
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Swiss Guard Peter Reich investigates a Vatican underworld of money laundering, extortion, and murder controlled by an entity known only as "The Wolf."
Monday Stories
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime
Looking for something light and entertaining to read? These may make you chuckle, or even make you think. They range from silly to sad.
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
A 12 year old boy thrives in the setting of two vast empires bristling for a war.
Fool Proof
Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy, Gay
It is hard for Mike to say no to the President of the USA, especially when the First Lady is Mike’s angry, bitter, vengeful ex-wife.
OPERATION KASHGAR (Volume One of The Chinese Spymaster)
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller
Chinese Intelligence uncover a North Korean trying to sell a nuclear device. Then they find FIVE other dealers trying to do the same.
The Binding (Chronicles of Azaria #1)
Romance, Fantasy

What do you do when you can't trust your heart?
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
A fast moving thriller set in France and the UK full of unexpected twists and turns and plenty of intrigue with an unsignaled climax.
The Walls of Troy
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult
Neomene of Ithaca's adventures continue as the Greek war against Troy enters its seventh year.
Heaven's Door   (Apocalypse Then Part Three)
Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction, History
18.57hrs 26th of May 1940. Admiralty General Order for attention of Vice-Admiral Ramsay, Dover: Operation Dynamo to commence forthwith.
Fiction, Thriller
How easy should stealing a nuclear bomb be? Not as hard as trying to give it back forty years later.
Up In Smoke
Fiction, Young Adult, Instructional, Comedy
Two partners struggle to rebuild after the end of the world; and maybe blow some stuff up along the way.
The Missing Plans - An Agent Gargoyle Thriller
Fiction, Thriller
Volume One of the thrilling adventures of Agent Gargoyle
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction
The CIA, KGB and the Mossad are entangled in a spy and technology race of secret space missions.

Silver - Book 1
Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Death is a part of life they say. But if you never die is it that you lived forever or never lived at all?
Journey to  Kaladớre: Book Two - The Final Chapter
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Christian
Battling the sadistic, power-hungry Bealantin head on, Samuel and his siblings fight to restore Kaladớre. Can love conquer fear, fraud, the hideous Trog, and war?
Russell Goodfellow - Master of Disguise: Book 1 - The Talisman
Fiction, Thriller, Children's, Young Adult
Was Russell's dad murdered? Was Lorenzo's drowning an accident? And just what do the codes hidden, layer upon layer deep inside the Talisman, mean?
A Very English Affair
Fiction, Thriller, Romance
Dangerous games of love, deception and betrayal of individuals and superpowers during the Cold War.
Fiction, Fantasy
Lhu Sangria is in exile from the largest family on the First Continent of his planet. Can he escape his cousin's wrath?
The Merry Congress
Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction
Spies, intrigue, romance and murder - at the Congress of Vienna in 1814.