Books tagged with "supernatural"

Elemental Warrior
Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Passion charged romance combining sci-fi and fantasy that promises gritty sword fights, intrigue, lust and the forbidden in a post apocalyptic setting.
Hell to Pay
Fiction, Romance
Fated to kill for eternity, Peter has no reason to change until he meets Allison, the one woman whose power may destroy them both.
The Crusades of Medieval America: Symphony of Steel
Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Ricki wants revenge against the Warlord killing her family. Falling in love with an Immortal Knight forces her to juggle romance, destiny, and cheat death.
Without a Backward Glance
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Sinister organization kidnaps 16-yr old over her breakthrough technology, protecting the formula and her family, she fights to outsmart them.

Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
How do you save the life of a girl who died three hundred years before you were born?
Buried Mistakes
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Chick Lit, Historical Fiction
Buried Mistakes, a tragic ghost story of forbidden love and betrayal, based on true stories of women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military.
Hubble Bubble, Toilet Trouble
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
A house that gurgles in the night conceals a secret which will change Sissy Blake's life, not to mention the world.
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Starring a diverse handful protagonists on a quest to lift the curse from a small dragon, Qualadel is a comic reframing of classic high fantasy.
The Sister
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Crime
She said it wasn't safe outside...
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Death comes to those that wait.
Where She Lies
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Dark secrets haunt the old novelist as she strives to complete her final work before it is too late. Can she really re-write childhood?
True Destiny
Fiction, Fantasy
In a country ravaged by war and under the rule of a tyrant, it is one boy's destiny to bring back the reign of freedom.
The Forever Girl
Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Sophia Parsons’ family has skeletons, but they aren’t in their graves... (Amazon Occult and Contemporary Fantasy Bestseller)
The Story of Jason Griffin - BOOK I: Tales of the Two Servants
Fiction, Fantasy, Children's, Young Adult
Jason discovers his life is far from what it seems, after his foster parents (he doesn't know they are his foster parents) go missing ...
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Christian
A Psychiatrist moves to a small town to find herself battling, with unknown forces, she cannot see...could it be demonic?
The Cursed Gift
Thriller, Horror
The Cursed Gift follows the rise and fall of Alex Bane, a policeman with an unnatural ability for reading people and a dark past.
A.O.V. (Angel of Vengeance)
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Religious
'AOV is an Angel of Vengeance with a dark secret and after Satan who portrays the Angel of Light in this epic tale.
The Earthly City
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Christian, Religious
Christian fantasy or Christian science fiction or urban fantasy: you decide. London is developing into a single organic being, reducing its citizens to mere cells.
Dark One
Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult, Popular Culture
The world is running out of time; the battle between good and evil is descending. The Dark One is our only hope.
Angels of Lucifer
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy
What would you give to live your life again with all the benefits of hindsight? Which regret would you most want to fix?