Books tagged with "suspense"

Anthem For Doomed Youth
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Charlie is to hang in the morning. When the church bell strikes eight, the lever will be pulled. Only the Home Secretary can save him.
The Trouble With Bruce
Fiction, Children's, Young Adult, Popular Culture
This is no ordinary tale. It tells of Bruce Maverick Wallace, and of the magnificent bouts of misdemeanor that colored his human career.
It's A Shame About Pluto
Science Fiction
Can Brent and Dawn Blake – and a trip to Pluto – help Casey Grier finally escape his abusive father?
The TRUTH About Commander Dart
Science Fiction, Christian
Painfully shy Commander Harry Dart finds it hard to live anywhere but in outer space. Until he learns to stand up for himself….
Three Sides of the Tracks
Thriller, Romance, Young Adult, Crime
Ruthless Jessie Whitaker blames Caroline's lifelong friend Danny Taylor when Caroline is taken hostage by Slink and gang during a church robbery.
Ghosts of Chechnya
Literary Fiction, Thriller, Romance
A suspense-mystery crossed with a love story, set in terror-struck London and entwined with war-torn Chechnya. Love is pitted against suspicion and fear.
Hell to Pay
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
Fated to kill for eternity, Peter has no reason to change until he meets Allison, the one woman whose power may destroy them both.
Working Men
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller
They were young. They were gorgeous. They were for sale. And they were dying. Their boss couldn't understand why.
The Blame Game
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Generally, murder is straight forward. However, their instructions are clear:
Leave witnesses.
Soft Comes the Wolf
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Swiss Guard Peter Reich investigates a Vatican underworld of money laundering, extortion, and murder controlled by an entity known only as "The Wolf."
Without a Backward Glance
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Sinister organization kidnaps 16-yr old over her breakthrough technology, protecting the formula and her family, she fights to outsmart them.

So Much Depends
Literary Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Charlie had always prepared for the best and hoped for the worst. It was the hole in between that caught him by surprise.
Nancy Allen  & the Cherokee Trail of Tears
Romance, Historical Fiction, Biography

Steamy historical fiction authentic in its depiction of sex, history and the Bible.
The Sister
Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Crime
She said it wasn't safe outside...
A Child from the Wishing Well
Literary Fiction
Gerard's wish is to break out of paranoia, discover daughter Rosie's love. Is music tutor Ruth's foul-smelling well a place wishes happen? Psychological suspense.
The Wyvern & The Witchfinder
Fiction, Comedy
In the corner of Somerset where the Cotswolds fade and the Mendips rise, curious goings-on abound
Fall of Eden
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
What if everything that you know burned? What if everything wanted to kill you? Would you hide? Run? Or fight? When would you break?
Fiction, Literary Fiction
Jacob Chandler cares about only one person—himself, until tragedy upends his narcissistic world. Then he discovers empathy isn't simply inconvenient. It can kill.
Prendergast Uncovered
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
Brad is into parties, surfing and girls, a beach bum according to his Dad. So why do the CIA and MI5 want to talk?
Drifting Fines: Consequences
Fiction, Christian
The same overactive mind that made Christian rich and powerful must be restrained long enough to defeat a curse set to wipe off his family.