Books tagged with "television"

Hollywood on the Danube
Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy, Gay
Fictional account of American TV writer down on his luck, who gets second chance when he's hired in Europe, learning backstabbing is just like Hollywood.
The Glass House
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Crime
Her sanctuary and workplace. When a blackmailer finds a use for it, what secrets will Caitlin's glass house cultivate?
Thinking Like a Wildebeest
Fiction, Romance, Popular Culture, Comedy
A tale of revenge, booze, gambling, sex and a man obsessed with Deirdre Barlow.
Things I Need To Tell You Right Now
Non-fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
Have you heard the one about the twenty-six year old who moves back home with her parents?
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Chick Lit
A young actress struggles to come to terms with who she is, what's important to her and - crucially - what she really wants.
Runs in the Blood
Fiction, Popular Culture
While visiting his family, a young man is confronted with the consequences of his addiction.
Funnily Enough
Chick Lit, Harper True Life, Christian, Comedy
What happens when life suddenly comes to a halt? And you are left with no option but to sleep or laugh? I chose laughter.
Meditative Musings
Literary Fiction, Harper True Life, Christian, Religious
Musings about Faith and Life
The Prodigal Planet
Fiction, Science Fiction, Christian, Religious
How would you feel if you "discovered" Earth?
In My Life
Biography, Popular Culture, Harper True Life, Comedy
A light-hearted account of growing up in Essex in the 1960s and 1970s, and a lifelong love affair with pop music
The BIg Story
Literary Fiction, Thriller, Comedy
The Big Story comes as a timely and highly topical satire on the television industry, where the words ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ have quite different meanings.
Child Among The Weeds
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Crime
Crippled by his undiagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder, Dominic's obsession with a TV weathergirl throws his life into chaos and changes him forever.
seductive amoebae
Fiction, Thriller, Popular Culture, Comedy
A dark and biting satire, seductiveamoebae follows psychopathic anti-hero, Thomas Paul, as he embarks on a campaign of natural retribution against a morally defunct society.
Fiction, Horror, Popular Culture, Comedy
Topical, satirical, scathing witty horror. Celebrity obsession, primetime talent shows, addiction, stand-up, murder and soap operas. Were it a recipe, Jamie Oliver would condemn it.
Isis In Crisis
Chick Lit, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy
Divinely irreverent comedy. Redundancy can be so tough for an ancient goddess...
Youth Market
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
Jady is unhappy with dumbed-down television. Joanna hates cruel chicken farms. They decide to turn the people against both by means fair or fowl.

The Family Life of Brenda Greene
Literary Fiction, Chick Lit, Popular Culture, Crime
Brenda murders the priest who molested both her brother and her son. Chat show host, Liza, champions her cause. What can possibly happen next?
Balloons and Band Aids
Non-fiction, Biography, Business, Harper True Life
As sequel to the book, Nurses On Our Own, portraying the obstacles, challenges adventures and great success of a hospital nurse turned entrepreneur millionaire .
Get on the Bus Jonathan
Fiction, Comedy
A comedy about a struggling screenwriter trying to get his derailed career back on track.
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller, Popular Culture
On Rodeo is the story of Abby Hanson, drug-addicted prostitute and her unlikely relationship with billionaire mogul, Gilbert Seymour, scion of Beverly Hills society.