Books tagged with "thriller"

Wild Fury
Thriller, Romance, Erotica
A wild fury of love grips two new neighbours as they encounter a con man and his secrets. .
Trumped by Secrets
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Comedy
Kim and Jack’s love-struck mismatch, parallels present-day mischief in the house of cards we all have a hand in—where today's reality is the implausible storyline.
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction
The glue that binds us together is coming apart...
Slow Poison
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
A killer lies in wait for the perfect moment. Thirty years on, that moment has arrived.
Midnight Moon
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Government officials are dead. The Mayor of New Orleans is missing. The Mississippi River rarely surrenders her dead, until now!
The Strange Girl
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Sam Dyke hunts an ex-convict released from jail. But the ex-con is also an ex-cop, so which side of the law is he on now?
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy
A thin line between love and obsession.
Rosalind's father has crossed that line.
The Second Coming
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror
A stranger shares the secret of teleport technology and Rupert grasps the benefits for his humanitarian calling, but with it looms global anti-terrorist forces.
Forsaken Realms: Shattered Dimension
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Young Adult
Two young adventurers search for Nick's grandfathers' legacy. However, they mistakenly unleash an unknown evil, and only a chosen hero can save the realms.
Rubber Ball - 49 Cents
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Rubber Ball - 49 Cents is about the ultimate game board – life.
NovaForge (Book 1 in the Nova Trilogy)
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Solaris. A planet like any, rife with wars, science and love. At the peak of its civilization, a meteor fell, bringing souls searching for prey.
Task Force - A Daniel Tasker Novel
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Europol's finest on the trail of a disgraced foreign diplomat, countries being held to ransom. Can Daniel stop it all, and rescue his kidnapped family?
Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime
The city of Paris has been dislodged from the history books, and now hides a monstrous secret.
The Phoenix Project
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction
A man tries to come to terms with his demons, whilst being forced to fight for a life he’s not sure he wants to save.
The Britannia Conspiracy
Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Horror
The Roman armies, brutally murdered by warrior-queen Boudicca in AD61, have returned from the dead, terrorising London with an insatiable thirst for blood and revenge.
Book I: The Möbius Stripーthe Masada Virus
Fiction, Thriller, Science Fiction, Christian
An advanced civilization develops in the underground tunnels of the abandoned superconducting supercollider. Derek Cavanaugh rescues Israeli freedom fighters and provokes a maniacal surface-dwelling Marshal.
Chimera Dawn
Thriller, Horror, Crime
Shaw needs to overcome his own demons if he is going to rescue his daughter from the powerful forces that take her hostage.
Thriller, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Crime
The lines between right and wrong are blurred as a boy desperately tries to prove his brother's innocence for a murder he didn't commit.
Fiction, Thriller
Death and destruction come to Cambridge and Boston as the lives of two people from different sides of life are changed forever amid unforeseen chaos!
Rebel Vengeance
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Crime
"How evil can good men become? Find out as this intriguing story takes surprising twists and gruesome paths into one mans darker side."