Books tagged with "trenches"

Literary Fiction, Thriller, Chick Lit, Historical Fiction
Take life in small doses, or it just might pull you under...
Roses of Yesterday … and the Next Best Thing
Literary Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction
If a lost child cannot by another be replaced, can a love who shared a summer’s sunset be ever quite forgot?
The Teardrop Theory
Non-fiction, History, Biography, Popular Science
19 theories are exposed here, from the formation of our Solar System to the spread of mankind around our planet, through the work of tectonics.
Presumed Killed
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction
The trenches were only a taste of hell. It took a woman to teach him the real meaning of pain.
Fiction, Historical Fiction, Children's
An exciting time-slip story where present day children experience the adventure and face the challenge of their lives in the WWI trenches and battlefields.