Books tagged with "twitter"

Final Demands - Dead Ends
Fiction, Thriller, Crime
Young, rich entrepreneurs are losing their businesses, homes, families and, in some cases, their lives in a lethal pattern of organised crime.
Life in Brief: Three Years of Tweets
Non-fiction, Biography, Popular Culture, Popular Science
A dump, really, of three years' of micro-blogging on the popular site, Twitter.
Starbucks Ate My Lobster
Fiction, Popular Culture, Comedy
Follow the world of a group of friends through the eyes of a disillusioned lawyer taking a sabbatical to finish his novel.

Funny Status
Young Adult, Popular Culture, Comedy
Ever had trouble updating your Facebook / Twitter status. Fed up writing 'I'm Bored, tired' etc? Let me help with my collection of funny statuses.
Thriller, Romance, Horror, Crime
Jeremy and Julie met by pure fate, but can their love stand the test of time and death?