Books tagged with "union"

Golden Contrails
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Two young scientists encounter a mysterious radio signal which, amid mounting excitement, deeply involves them and their professor in a major jolt to world history.
Seeing the Light of Day
Fiction, Romance, Harper True Life, Comedy
An enlightening story of love beyond all fear, without prejudice or boundaries. But what does it take for love to prevail?
Oath and Allegiance
Fiction, Historical Fiction, History, Religious
1715. Rebellion is coming to Scotland. Its aim is to reverse the union with England. But where does Aiden Lindsay's loyalty really lie?
Fiction, Thriller, Historical Fiction
A Union cavalryman volunteers to lead a squad of handpicked sharpshooters in an attempt to assassinate Confederate General Robert E. Lee and end the war.
The Florist Clarence Lemyn and The Fortieth Assassin
Fiction, Science Fiction
A mild mannered florist is thrust into a world of murder, intrigue and action as the specter of death itself chooses him as its champion.
Fiction, Thriller
A story of crime, disorder, and whats happens when society gives its citizens the right to take matters into their own hands.
Marriage with Christ
Non-fiction, Instructional, Christian, Religious
A picture of the romance of God and His people, and a vision of the beautiful gift that He has given us in earthly marriage.