Books tagged with "vampire"

Dark Legacy
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Young Adult
Andre’s well-ordered existence is catapulted into chaos when the past he has tried to hide collides with the present…
Midwinter Nights
Fiction, Fantasy
In a world of soul-swallowing ghosts a King hunts a dragon. Only a fire-breather and his friends can stop him.
Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
"Dreams seem real, while they last. We can say no more than this about our lives."

The Beacon within lures us past our limitations.
Vampuric Slayer Blood
Fiction, Young Adult
It's exciting, thrilling and a twist on vampire fiction with just one deadly secret!

(First part avaliable)

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Blood Diva
Literary Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Erotica
Marie Duplessis -- vampyre. What if Paris' infamous party girl didn't die of consumption at 23 in 1847?
Bound by Sin: The Beginning of a Prophecy
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Within all legends, within all myths lies a glimmer of truth. That piece of truth will shatter the reality you've known.
Back By Dawn
Fiction, Young Adult
"My parents are vampires. At least I think so."
Fiction, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
When Life presents a cup you care not to sup, it just may be the grail of transformation. The Instrument surrendered becomes Its Maker.
The Zombie Project
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Popular Culture
A perfect mix of werewolves, vampires, ghosts, government conspiracy and a socially awkward zombie heroine.
Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Popular Culture
Raphael had waited too long for his chance at redemption to let this obnoxious woman ruin it. Too bad he actually kind of liked her.
The Sorcerer's Dragon
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
A telling story of a young girl with no memory of her past tangled in a world that only she can save.
Music of Souls
Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
All souls hold their own music. Will Jackson and Elisabeth find harmony?

Girl meets vampire, finds out she's a sorcerer, gets help from some friends, fights a bad guy, falls in love.
The Purging
Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
An all out apocalyptic war between a myriad of supernatural creatures and an ill prepared humanity has begun. Their forces are formidable, their numbers growing.
The Empire of God (The Gifted War Series; Book One)
Fantasy, Horror, Religious
Andras is thrown from his life into a war of shadows between the Catholic Empire, a secrete werewolf cult and the mysterious Marcus Brutus.
Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Fantasy
Have you ever felt like a story seems to just suck you in? As if transported to a whole new world? Well landing hurts.
Lynch Heinouson: Psycho Vampire
Fiction, Horror, Comedy
The blackest comedy you will ever read. What if a mass murderer became a vampire? How much more evil would he become?
Dented Sensation
Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Not to be who you think you are requires you to have some idea of who you were in the first place.
The Blood of a Dead Man
Upirs are the blood sucking servants to humans. However the nation that controls the biggest population of Upirs are on the verge of war
Vivienne - The Lost and Found
Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, Horror
" I think you have something rare; something worth protecting,” his voice took a serious tone, “síorghrá we call it in Ireland...