Books tagged with "wizardry"

The Keeper of the Sightless Eye
Fiction, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Deceived by a witch, a warband called the Iron Wolves find themselves outlawed, hunting for answers while their world turns against them.
The Sword of Delmar
Sir Gwain and his quest for the Sword of Delmar and his battle with Lilith the Demon, and his ultimate rescue of Princess Eve.
Kzarim Wizard Book 1: A Boy and His Mother
Fiction, Fantasy
Denny is desperate. His mother is sick, he's been ostracized and even the legendary power of the Kzarim can't help.
The Medallion Of Lorn
Thriller, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult
Merlin and his beautiful companion, Lore Chenatikan must reunite the seven elements of the medallion in order to save the seven universes from extinction.

Thriller, Fantasy, Children's, History
Merlin returns from the depths of time to assist Sir Gwain rescue young Arthur (Gwinevere's son) from an evil wizard.
Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Other
In a world of illusion, you only see what you feel...