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I read all 12 chapters and will be waiting for more. more...
digsblues wrote recently
I'm hoping you're going to upload more. more...
digsblues wrote recently
Upload more, please. more...
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Chapter 11: Since Authonomy is up for now I'll post this here :) "Thr... more...
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On to Chapter 4. {This is me not saying how much I dislike epigraphs that... more...

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The Thousand Year Day

Telika Howard

Fiction, Young Adult, Christian

Sequel to Out of the Miry Clay. Khia is back with her new found relationship in Christ, will she drown in the rain or grow

Sequel to Out of the Miry Clay. Khia is back and is dealing with problems and criticisms of her first album and convincing the record company to put out her second one. She also deals with a shock of her life that threatens to take away her only family. She learns that after the purpose comes the pa...