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date submitted 05.07.2009
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When the Sax Man Plays Part 3 - Managing It

Yvonne Marrs

Continuing to follow the sax man now juggling his career, his health and his family life.


We follow Jason Bottelli and his meteoric rise through the charts and to a fame of his own. The third book in the trilogy teaches us more about the man himself, and introduces his family life with wife Georgie and twin girls Lexy and Ella. How will he manage to juggle his rocketing career, his shaky health, his family's needs and retain his sanity. Read on to find out!

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easy-reading, family life, health, music, romance, saxophone

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SusieGulick wrote 1508 days ago

Okay, Yvonne, all 3 done - backed. :) I was afraid it would have a bad ending, so was happy it was good. :)
Love, Susie :) Please back my other memoir book. :) Thanks. :)

Heidi Mannan wrote 1834 days ago


Not having read book 2, I think this opening is good. I didn't feel lost or like there were pieces missing. I enjoyed your dialogue. It felt very real. Good job :)


YMarrsWTSMP wrote 1843 days ago

Comments gratefully received!