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date submitted 06.08.2009
date updated 25.06.2011
genres: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thriller...
classification: adult


Kenneth Wayne

Recognizing himself in an Internet sex clip finds Charles in an avalanche where even chaos seems normal.


Charles is stupefied to discover himself in a sex clip gone viral on the Internet. How did he get caught on film in L.A., while living as an American in Tokyo?

Add to this mystery blue auras, conspiracies, unexplained disappearances, multi-dimensional reptilians and you have entered the bizarre world of Clip.

Clip takes place in a post 9-11 world with a surreal “what if” feel to it. Much like Kafka’s Gregor Samsa, Charles falls prey to an improbable occurrence, which he half-heartedly attempts to explain. After the situation becomes threatening, he decides to confront the people seemingly responsible. They in turn coax him to join them.

What, though, is their agenda?

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conspiracy theories, contemporary, international setting, sexy, surreal

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Doug Thurston wrote 1237 days ago

Proof positve sex sells and lots of it in the first four chapters. The writing style is smooth and proficient, but some storytelling points seem a little incongruous. As a for instance, after making a compaitive analysis of the protagonist's penis to the one on the internet, Jackie decides he's not the sexual pervert she has accused him of being (?). Likewise, as she is the one investigating him for a college senstive to sexual scandal, I would think Charles wouldn't be so forthcoming about the internet video. I would also think he would be more concerned about this getting around.
Minor points to a good story, but the more believable your storytelling, the easier it becomes for your readers to suspend their disbelief and fully immerse themselves in your world.
All the best,
Doug Thurston

paperbat wrote 1239 days ago

Clip is a very clever idea and the plot is gripping. Hope you keep rising upwards. Highly backed.
Like you, i have decided to use smashwords to e-publish. How have you found them? Any tip for a new-comer . all the best.
Jerry Evans and his Paper Bats

Bradley Haynes wrote 1249 days ago

Your last sentence of chapter 1 'Subsequent events, however, shot logic to pieces.' gives an explanation of this book, I am sure there is so much more inside this story. Different, unusual and difficult to describe. Good Luck.

Frank James wrote 1250 days ago

Hi Ken,
I read a goodly few pages of your excellent novel and I enjoyed it. Plot good, characters good. Result - a good read and one I have no problem BACKING. You are on my bookshelf now. Like yourself I am looking for backing and trust you will find THE CONTRACTOR worthy of a spot on your bookshelf. Good luck with your writing.

Frank James (The Contractor)

Marita A. Hansen wrote 1252 days ago

I was having a break and came across your pitch, and thought it looked interesting. I only had time for chapter 1 today, but found what I read entertaining. I liked your humor, and smiled at certain ways that you described things, eg. the magic wand left swaying... I also liked your character. His comment that there was a lot more fireworks in Tokyo than LA was funny. The only thing that confused me a little bit was the shapeshifting comments, but that was probably just me.

The classroom scene was good, with the descriptions of the Japanese students and their puns. The guy with the brown hair and blue contacts was also a nice touch, as I've seen this in Singapore too. I also find the strange blue contacts rather unsual.

Anyway, I'll stop here for now. All the best - Marita.

lizjrnm wrote 1252 days ago

I backed this a while back before we all lost our spots in the top 100 and I am backing this again and not because you messaged me but because your book is excellent and deserves exposure! This is certainly the sort of book I would buy and I hope to see you published because you are a talented writer that knows how to tell a story that keeps the reader turning the pages.

The Cheech Room

writingbear wrote 1262 days ago


I backed your gripping book today, it is sitting on my shelf with honor. Interesting predicament Charles finds himself. The scary thing is, it could happen. Can't wait to see how he is going to get out of the situation. If you could please take a look at DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS, or MY GENTLEMAN FREIND, it would be appreciated.

Good luck and happy writing!


P F Farraday wrote 1331 days ago

A wonderful read with a catchy title worthy of a movie. Should be in the top 5 by my recconing

PF Farraday

EMDelaney wrote 1337 days ago

I put this on my WL, Starred.

Hope to get a chance to review soon

(E M Delaney)

Coming Soon:

Christian Clavadetscher wrote 1341 days ago


My intention was to look at the first chapter or two and leave it at that, but dammit each chapter had me too tempted to read the next one, which I continually did. At first I thought I was going to be getting a kind of rehash of Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" (a damned good read, to be sure), but quickly realized I was getting something else, something that read far more intimately. Like Gibson you get into the human side of technological applications, playing with the undefined spaces between the real and the virtual. You do well to submerge the Western reader into the world of a Westerner in the East without the common tendency of pedantically defining all the cultural differences. This in itself is a great accomplishment, something that several other writers on this very site should take notice of and learn from.

A run through a fine-toothed comb would find perhaps a few snags (the sudden burst of explicit, harsh profanity from the lips of our up-until-then mensch of a main protagonist seemed well out-of-character, even if he does like to fuck what he can, when he can... the reiterations of "reptilian" and "lizard" in chapter 5 a touch over-done...and just to be pedantic myself, there's a stray comma after the word "Rather" in chapter 1 or 2), but overall this is a fabulous story that I will definitely read through to the end, not just because the story is interesting, but because the WRITING IS GREAT. Six Stars, -cc

Wilma1 wrote 1342 days ago

Ken I am pleased to reback clip it has an excellent premise and good foreshadowing. If the reader puts themself in the same position you are drawn into the story even more quickly, its makes you curious as to how he could have ended up in this position and why would anyone want to do it?

Knowing Liam Riley

PATRICK BARRETT wrote 1345 days ago

I came back to read more and rate the book under the new 'Star-system' This is definitely a book destined to go places. Paula Barrett (Cuthbert-how mean is my valley)

Christian Clavadetscher wrote 1346 days ago

Hi Kenneth,

Your friend Dan recommended this to me, so I'm going to check it out. The premise looks absolutely fantastic. Would you mind having a look at my work, The Red Hot Grind Show?

Thanks, -cc

Jake Rowan wrote 1350 days ago

I have read the first 3 chapters and I am finding it all a bit slow. Nothing is really happening, except he got videoed in class and had a vacant moment (where his body was apparently taken over by a pervert). I can see the premise is an interesting one, but at times it reads almost like non-fiction memoir (a teacher in Tokyo). I really think you need to up the action in the first few chapters, or start this in a different place. In relation to plot, what was the purpose of the phonecall with James? why such a long winded explanation of the lesson observation policy? I want to see the character doing more and thinking less. It is just my opinion, feel free to ignore. Jake

Double_Helix wrote 1351 days ago

KW - This is not my genre for a read but you have a page turner here! I read through three chapters and for a conspiracy theory story you win at creating immediate empathy for the protagonist. I could feel the train barreling in on him and his seeming inability to do anything about it! This is excellent stuff.

Another writing skill is how you have tweaked the Japanese characters' dialogues to be somewhat grammatically incorrect and what you may expect from someone who speaks English as a second (or third) language.
Generally, I like to point out something you can change or improve on. Couldn't really see anything obvious here. Backed with honest intent and pleasure. Best of luck in your publishing effort!

karenrosario wrote 1352 days ago

Hi KW! A very funny premise, although the content is not to my taste! You write well with wit and charm.

SPW wrote 1358 days ago

So good I shelved it twice.
A quality read by all counts.
Yuko Zen is Somewhere Else.

Elizabeth.NYC wrote 1358 days ago

Who could resist an opening sentence like this? CLIP is a contemporary tale of the "downside" of the internet and the dangers that come when anything and everything can be placed in front of the world's eyes. What I like most about this book is the narrative voice of the main character, Charles. He was easy to get to know, authentic and easy to believe. His horror became my horror - this stuff could happen to almost anyone. He's smart, too, always thinking, and because the book is written in first person, we get into his thoughts without effort. Great hook at the end of the chapter. Charles thought he'd figured it out (a doctored video) but then came a quick glimpse into what was coming...his logic was shot to pieces. This is good writing and deserves recognition.

Tim Andrewartha wrote 1361 days ago

Just enjoyed reading chapters 6 - 10 as I think I got to 6 when I originally looked at it a while ago. You develop his relationships with Mayumi and Jackie well. The descriptions of the train approaching Kamakura are good. Jackie's life story is interesting. After some character developing and some sordid affairs the plot comes back in as Charles starts researching about astral projections, inter-dimensional portals and dimensional hoppers and Mayumi arranges for him to go on a TV show about the clip. This is something he regrets but then they trick him in to doing something else for the show. This is going in a very interesting direction. I'm not sure where exactly, but I'm certainly curious.
What I like about this novel is the originality of the story which combines the real world set in Tokyo with the strange, unexplainable happenings of the internet clip and the class video. Also I find your style very easy to read and combined with the intriguing story and the interesting characters this is a real page turner. I've given it 5 stars.
Happily placed back on my shelf.

Widget wrote 1362 days ago

If the internet wasn't surreal enough, now you've added conspiratorial mysteries and intrigue! Excellent plot and well written. Watchlisted and will back (again). 5 star rated. All the best, Katherine - The Quizzical Wizards of Id

Simon Vernau wrote 1364 days ago

I really liked the idea here. Someone finding themselves in a dodgy internet clip. Great idea. And I liked the way you got straight on threre and drew me into your story with no messing around. i think I liked the earlier chapter one version than the later one to be honest? Or maybe a combination of the two I certainly liked the first lines of the earlier version as the fist lines of a novel.
Couple of comments: First page. the blue tinted comntact lenses looking strange in his 'Japanese' face. Did not like this. Can someone have Japanese face? Sounds vageuly rasist (though I know nthat weas not the intention as you obviously know and love Japan. Can you find a less clumsy way to render the image?
Couple of punctuation issues (comma missing not big deal)
At one point you say sonething about the Japanese talking to you to practise their Englsh... I'e been to Japan a few times and found them very reserved and too shy to practice. .. maybe it has changed,
These are just comment rather than writing the banal comment without even reading your book. I liked the idea and I liked the Asian setting. You could have something here.
Thanks for letting me read this.
Ps Profanity. Less is more?

Eghosa wrote 1368 days ago

Technically, your writing is brilliant. The pacing, maybe a tad bit . . . dunno, sketchy? I'm in chapter 2 and still do not identify with Journeyman. There is an aloofness, a dissociative feel to the character. This may be your intention, but his flippancy depresses me. It presents a melacholic outlook; that behind his I-don't-care lies tragedy, loneliness. That's the effect I get from the first 2 chapters.
I would suggest taking your time, spend more time, slow the scenes down, the mood. Use adjectival phrases instead of stright adjectives, more descriptive similies, more poetry. (Not too much, though. Just something to make the reader ache more.)

Eghosa wrote 1368 days ago

Technically, your writing is brilliant. The pacing, maybe a tad bit . . . dunno, sketchy? I'm in chapter 2 and still do not identify with Journeyman. There is an aloofness, a dissociative feel to the character. This may be your intention, but his flippancy depresses me. It presents a melacholic outlook; that behind his I-don't-care lies tragedy, loneliness. That's the effect I get from the first 2 chapters.
I would suggest taking your time, spend more time, slow the scenes down, the mood. Use adjectival phrases instead of stright adjectives, more descriptive similies, more poetry. (Not too much, though. Just something to make the reader ache more.)

Widget wrote 1368 days ago

Great story. Intriguing plot. I love conspiracy stories because the 'mystery of lawlessness' really does exist - a lot! I like the first-person narrative and you've brought the reader in with the first sentence. (I couldn't help thinking 'you wish!' when I read it though. lol) Written in an easy style to read, the story flows very well. I'll be back to finish it soon. Backed with pleasure. All the best, Katherine - The Quizzical Wizards of Id.

Widget wrote 1368 days ago

Great story. Intriguing plot. I love conspiracy stories because the 'mystery of lawlessness' really does exist - a lot! I like the first-person narrative and you've brought the reader in with the first sentence. (I couldn't help thinking 'you wish!' when I read it though. lol) Written in an easy style to read, the story flows very well. I'll be back to finish it soon. Backed with pleasure. All the best, Katherine - The Quizzical Wizards of Id.

livloo wrote 1373 days ago

Unlike any story I have read before and all the previous comments say many of the things I would say! The first chapter does make you wonder how you would feel and what you would think in the same situation.

A Policeman's Lot.

Elysian wrote 1376 days ago

Kafka-esque is a term bandied about a lot these days (what, you mean it isn't? You, my friend, don't go to the right coffee houses!), but this book really does have that aura of 'crushed in the black machinery of meaninglessness' to it that would make ol' cockroach-features spit his turnips.
Seriously, having recently watched 'secrets of the matrix' by the Gibbering Goalie himself, and a steady diet of Robert Rankin and William Gibson, I can almost see the logic to CLIP... which means I need more happy pills.
I am rarely actually disturbed by works of art, but this is up there with Immortal Technique's 'Dance with the Devil' and HR Giger's toilet in terms of skin-crawl. Explicit, weird, and cutting edge.

Richard J. Dean Jr. wrote 1378 days ago

I like the idea. From what I read, it is well written and easy to read. I already feel bad for the guy. I've had my share of bad luck, but that would take the cake. I enjoy watching characters piece their way out of tough situations.
Twin Fates

Donna Magick wrote 1381 days ago

Hi Kenneth, I very much like the punchy and direct dialogure that you use in your book and am definitely intrigued to see what happens next. This is not the usual genre that I would aim for in the library, however I found myself unable to put this story down. Well done - a very enjoyable and captivating read. All the best! Backed! Donna :-)

shuuen wrote 1382 days ago

Living here in Japan, I find the beginning of your story very easy to relate to. Your opening is also very strong and forward, and immediately draws the reader in. Sorry that it took me forever to read and comment on your story! Good luck and keep up the good work!

child wrote 1385 days ago

CLIP - This is essentially a story about a well-known conspiracy theory. Charles' initial dilemma is intriguing. What would anyone feel in similar circumstances and what would they do about it when their job was at risk? Dialogue is real. I particularly liked the put down, 'No chance. I don't mate with schizophrenics.' And Jackie, menacingly sweet Jackie. I kept turning pages when I came to her as I was sure what was going to happen next but convinced her blackmail for sex would be rebuffed, but no, Charles trying to protect himself goes along and undoubtedly digs him self in deeper. A competent author has the reader in his pocket.

Child - Atramentus Speak

Wagtail :) wrote 1385 days ago

This has been really polished up since I commented on it a year ago. You have a unique and effective 'voice'. It gives your writing a slight quirkiness that helps it to stand out and be memorable. Excellent. Sally

Donna Magick wrote 1388 days ago

Hi Kenneth,
Many thanks for taking the time to back and read my book. I have just started reading your book also and like what i've read so far, so have backed it and will take time to comment once I've finished. I too am busy at the moment but am wanting to keep up with my bookshelf reads - so watch this space! : -)

All the best!
D :-)

JennyWren wrote 1388 days ago

Ken - not my usual read but I've seen your book in the list for a while and took a look. You get full marks for your storyline, your writing and dialogue. You really know how to grab your reader, even picky ones like me. I wish you well with your writing.

greeneyes1660 wrote 1388 days ago

Kenneth, I have read 5 chapters and I must say I enjoy your descritives and dialogue and your premise is always strong in the market place, conspiracy theories. That being said, in spots it seemed scatterd and a bit hard to follow, I understood the conversation and reason for it with ken in the bar, however it lacked impact to the story for me, as I would have rather you developed the conversation with the barmaid more, and then perhaps that would have ignited concern about the video within himself more. Just a thought.

Again, you have a conversation with the two students in the hall about his class plan from the prior year , I thought it was leading somewhere but then seemed to fizzle out. I think you have a solid foundation but there seems to be a lack of emotion for me, especially with such a hot topic in the forefront.

I do enjoy the circle of teachers and the conversations flow nicely, I think with some tweaking it could be really a tight novel Backed Patricia aka Columbia Layers of the Heart

djp wrote 1389 days ago

Wicked idea and a vivid imagination make this a great read! I started last night and came back to it this morning, very well written and involving. I love how confused Charles is, it's like "What the hell?"
Wold love to read more, any chances soon??
Anyway well done and good effort, backed for sure, if poss have a look at mine, cheers.

The civil unrest

Diana Shelton wrote 1390 days ago

Ha! Very funny beginning, and very clever. I like how well thought out this chapter is, you really get into the whole conspiracy theory in a believable way. And the hook is great, maybe he really is a shape shifting lizard man? He better just be glad he wasn't doing that rich heiress, or he would have walked away with a nice STD to add to his memory album. Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

Wye wrote 1391 days ago

I have read to chapter three and still have no idea how he ended up getting filmed but the main thing is I want to read on to find out. This is a very interesting idea that’s well written and nicely paced.

A Date in the Diary – Amelia x

jossiemarie wrote 1393 days ago

I have really enjoyed what I have read so far, you have good dilogue, some of it goes over my head a little lol, but that just because i have never really understood all the strange going on stuff I guess, and never come across anything like the things you talk about in chapter one.
I will def be back to read more soon and am backing it for now,
love and hugs joss. xx

Clare Wiltshire wrote 1394 days ago

I stumbled over this book by accident and I am glad that I did. Really well written and I am sure that it will do well. Backed. Clare

Jedda wrote 1394 days ago

It would be bad enough having your teaching filmed but to have it digitally altered to your detriment would be a nightmare. Liked the fact that your plot is pretty unique and that you set it in an unusual environment. Everything is possible in this technological age and this makes yor plot very believable. Shelved,Regards, Anne

The Nomad wrote 1396 days ago

This is a great premise because it's such a horrible situation (I can only assume Paris Hilton was a source of inspiration for this!). And I sense that this story does not have a happy ending, once something's on the web, it stays there.
The dialogue is excellent and lively and make the characters real. The conversations are interesting, especially the whole Freedom Fighters v Terrorists debate and the Japanese setting puts the story on a different slant. It takes the reader to somewhere exotic, but also as the story becomes darker gives the reader a sense that the Charles is a long way from home.
A great read. Backed.

The Nomad

Cly wrote 1397 days ago

Hi Kenneth,
Just finished reading what you have uploaded. I had no intention of reading through chapter 11, but I've dabbled in conspiracy theories for several years now and I found myself unable to put it down. I like the way you initially just drop hints here and there, very subtle, unless of course one is familiar. You've done a superb job, introducing the basic elements of the illuminati to make it interesting for readers that may otherwise not give this subject a second thought. I like that you chose to write this in first person, always makes the story seem more plausible, and the sex scenes more realistic. This is a very clever piece of work, and your clear concise writing style makes it easy to read, follow and want for more. Bravo!
Good luck
Cly (Hybrid)

SPW wrote 1399 days ago

Bizarre? Yes. Brilliant? Yes!!!
Totally my cup of tea. I love this,
Backed with pleasure!

Yuko Zen is Somewhere Else.

Despinas1 wrote 1400 days ago

Dear Kenneth,
I can see why Clip is sitting at its current place.
Best of luck and much success to you
Backed with pleasure
The Last Dream

DavidP wrote 1401 days ago

Hi Kenneth,

After reading chapter one I couldn’t help it and went to read chapter two. Chapter one ended with suspense, number two was hilarious. The setting in Japan and the backdrop being a university offer a powerful magnetic attraction to the story. It’s contemporary and trustful to our time with graphics, language, chicks, and sex. Personally, I would not use slang or curse words in the narrative leaving that exclusively to dialog or when quoting thoughts. Nonetheless, your ability with words shines through the prose.

Backed with pleasure,

David Placeres
Sunless Shadows (set in Siberia where almost nobody speaks English, and I don’t speak Russian).

MAS wrote 1402 days ago

Hilarious and memorable 'magic wand' opening, and what I've read so far is full of daring wit and sharp dialogue. I love the inter-dimensional reptilian eroticism. Engaging and lots of laugh out loud material.

(Mongrels of Apes and Stars)

lfk wrote 1403 days ago

Distinctive style and the premise is really imaginitive. I will keep reading.

Mannin Boy

J A Humm wrote 1404 days ago

This is cool and intelligently written. Flows well. Great premise and really cleverly set up. Backed.

J A Humm
(The Retreat)

Lynne Ellison wrote 1404 days ago

entertaining thriller

Lynne Ellison

The Green Bronze Mirror