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date submitted 18.08.2009
date updated 28.03.2010
genres: Fiction, Thriller, Crime
classification: adult

Catherine Wheel Alley

Kev Rogers

Career criminals are being slaughtered. D.I. Jenkins must find a deranged killer whilst dealing with an underworld crime lord. Murder has never been so tricky.


One horrific murder follows another. To the outside world the events appear to be nothing more than unconnected incidents. Murder after all is nothing new here.

Business or reasons more shady? Will the chain lead to the head of a huge corporation. Will it be his head on a plate?

D.I. Chris Jenkins is assigned to the murders. He's a man with conflicting issues which may just make the investigation a little akward. Lines become muddied as the body count rises. Why are the associates being viciously killed; Will the actions start a full scale gangland war? The gap between the overworld and underworld clash as the investigation into the events bring the protagonists to a dramatic climax.

Who will be left standing?

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, alley, billericay, blood, castration, catherine, city of london, corruption, crime, dark, death, death carnage sex shit hell scary sadistic die fuck...

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fh wrote 1310 days ago

This got off to a cracking start and kept going. Your prologue attracted my interest and immediatly set the tone. I enjoyed the flow and pace of chapter one, with the inner thoughts and non stop action. I felt I was in the story, and part of it, not just reading it. Backed.

andrew skaife wrote 1349 days ago

I am not sure if there is a problem with the software but lots of my backings have not made it up. I am certain I backed this weeks ago but it is not there to be found so I have just done it again.


name falied moderation wrote 1365 days ago

Dear Kev
well you are getting up there congrats
but this is what was expected with this
book......and just wanted to let you know, now finished.
I have already commented and backed your book a while ago, but cannot see the backing anywhere. So i am taking the time to back it again because I believe your book is WORTH IT


AuthorTom wrote 1439 days ago

Backed with confidence! Tom Ryerson (Carnal Wreckage)

lmspencer wrote 1451 days ago

Interesting story and nice read!

CraigD wrote 1459 days ago

The narrative here promises to be gripping; usually a prologue to a story like this is action-packed and takes hold of the reader, but you've chosen to go the opposite direction. Interesting. The writing here is mostly strong, but you fall into periods in which almost every sentence starts with "he" or "his." Work on the editing, and your writing can be as dynamic as the story promises to be. This is a good effort, though, and worth backing.
Please consider taking a look at my book, The Job.

Andrew Burans wrote 1469 days ago

You paint the picture of inner turmoil and angst very well. The dialogue is tight and realistic. Your use of imagery and character development is well done. A very believeable MC - nobody has all of the answers. Backed with pleasure.

Andrew Burans
The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning

A Knight wrote 1475 days ago

This is an incredible hook, and it lead me to back this book a few weeks ago. Going on from here there is no cause for disappointment. You have a gripping edge-of-your-seat style that I simply adore.

Brilliant work!
Abi xxx
"Everyone knows the rule: Stay inside the Wall, but Tisha believes rules were made to be broken.” - Relic

Clive Gilson wrote 1477 days ago

First reading of early pages is both enjoyable and leads you into the story well. Will read some more and come back to you, but nicely put together so far and makes you want to find out more.

Good luck and I'll add some more comments as time allows.


Cincinnati Dancing Pig

emywoo84 wrote 1486 days ago

Love detective stories that I can smell a series within, and this is one of those. DI Jenkins should be a name synonymous with Alex Cross in years to come. Well done :)

J.Adams wrote 1498 days ago

Hi Kev,
Thank you for letting me know about Catherine Wheel Alley. I don't really go for crime/serial killer books, but I have been flagged to read several on this sight, and I have found some good ideas and good writing here. I think you have a good premise. The prologue definitely draws the reader in. I do think you need to do some tightening up of the story (I read the prologue and chapter one). There is a typo in the prologue:
last paragraph "The cavern inside his soul only made his stronger, more dangerous." should be "...made him stronger..."
In the book chapter one, (Authonomy chapter 2) there are several typos or problems, and I'm just going to mention a couple to give you an idea of the editing needed:
"He'd clasped his eyes on too many similar sights..."
"clasped" while meaning to hold something tight, doesn't mean with eyes, but physically. (please understand this is only my opinion, but I think a better word could be chosen - "fixed" comes to mind.)
In the same sentence "surrounds" should be "surroundings"
"...victim of business rivals." should be "...victim of business rivalry." (unless I'm not reading this right.)
There have been so many references to how much blood there is in the crime scene, that the following paragraph is just in the way. "The clothing was dyed in blood. The lifeblood once pumping around the victim was now nothing more than a sticky mess on the tiled floor." When you repeat things to emphasis a point, that's one thing, but repetition in general slows the pace of a story. There is a great deal of repetition.
BACKED -- I think you have a good story here and I wish you the best.
Judy Adams
The Existence Game

lizjrnm wrote 1501 days ago

This is fiction writing at its best! PAY ATTENTION AUTHONOMITES - this should have a green triangle next to it!! Even though this is fiction - you certainly don't need dragons and vampires to move the plot along! Excellent pacing and backed with pleasure!

The Cheech Room

A Knight wrote 1502 days ago

Wow, Brilliant prologue and a fantastic hook. You drag youtr readers right in there and leave us desperate for more.

Fantastic job, and I've backed this with pleasure.
Abi xxx
"Everyone knows the rule: Stay inside the Wall, but Tisha believes rules were made to be broken. " - Relic

Famlavan wrote 1502 days ago

The tags on this are impressive!

Great hook in the opening line and great prologue.
I like the fractionation you use (some time however a little to much, but that is just me), the changing perspective creates a good atmosphere – Enjoyed – good luck

Burgio wrote 1507 days ago

This is a good read. It's refreshing to follow a detective who doesn't immediately know all the answers (takes time to puzzle them out along with us). And he has a lot to puzzle here as the body count rises sharply. Good crime stuff. Backed. Burgio (Grain of Salt).

pinkcoffee wrote 1508 days ago

I wish you the very best of luck wih your book. kind regards pinkcoffee 'In The Moment'

PatrickArmstead wrote 1509 days ago

Hi Kev,

Great idea for a novel, there's not many like this out there. I really enjoyed reading this and I think you have created all the stuff needed to make this a constant page-turner for crime fans. First, I would try to shorten the chapters just a little, and this will probably happen on its own when you reread and edit. Also try to shorten some of the long paragraphs, and once again, this will probably happen when you reread and edit.

The only other I would suggest would be create small chapters that are from the killer's perspective, and place them strategically in between the other chapters depicting the crimes and police POV. This would keep the killer's POV from mingling in other chapters, thus eliminating any confusion for the reader. Plus having short individual chapters for the killer enhances his presence and being to the reader.

You have a good novel here, and definately worth backing. It's your novel, of course, and you have to decide which suggestions and advice are for you and your work. All my suggestions are intended to help you better your work, so keep writing and keep up the good work.

Backed 100%

Patrick Armstead
Dark Lands

BJ Otto wrote 1511 days ago

Enjoying what I have read so far, although the killer's thoughts amidst the other paragraphs interrupts the flow for me. Will watchlist for now, and will add comments and perhaps back in the near future. Intrigued enough to want to read more, so all good then!

ellaham wrote 1512 days ago

This is not something I would normally read, but it is coming along well.

Shannon Lee wrote 1512 days ago

I find it very interesting how you go from the crime scene to the perspective of the murderer. It makes the story compelling also it give the reader an inside view of the killer's mind at the same time as they look at the crime scene as it unfolds before them. I like it! Keep up the great work!

yasmin esack wrote 1518 days ago

Very dramatic and entertaining. You do yhis professionally. Great start to a great story. backed with pleasure.

Yasmin the god equation

Krystiana wrote 1521 days ago

Intriguing pitch. I liked the details and the flashback sequences in the first chapter. Backed.
Surviving the Earthquake

MosesSiregarIII wrote 1523 days ago

Hi Kev, I love the passion in your writing and the clear sense I have as a reader that the story is going somewhere and that the author is going to fill it with intense drama. I love that, actually.

Now for some critical stuff.

The large opening paragraph of the prologue feels disorganized to me. Many things are said in the paragraph, but they don't seem to flow into or connect to each other well enough. It feels like a lot of staccato notes. I'd consider chopping it down, or reorganizing the info into 2-3 paragraphs. It might just need some rearranging.

Are you wanting to say, "The gate's still locked?" Because putting the apostrophe after the 's' in gates' like that doesn't quite make sense to me.

A larger issue I have with the prologue is it feels a bit melodramatic. I think you could probably pare it down some. I'd just start cutting sentences here and there. I'm pretty sure it would read better if it was shorter. As it is, the drama kind of hits the reader over the head too much, IMO. I think you can be more subtle here and be even more effective.

Thanks for letting me read this, and I hope this can help you in some small way.

Moses Siregar III
DEUS EX KARMA, an epic fantasy in homage to Homer's Iliad

Nick Poole2 wrote 1525 days ago

Terrific prologue. Storm blowing and evil afoot. Real menace.

Chapter 1 we have the murder interspersed with the investigation. Effective.

Chapter 2...he has an eye for the ladies, does Chris. He's off to see Shaw's boss, Tom Ricks. I like the hardness of the villains. I can't tell if your procedural stuff is accurate, but it convinces me! Rattling good crime novel.

Good stuff. I've put it on my shelf, but I've an idea I backed this some time ago when I first looked at the prologue.

Jedda wrote 1527 days ago

I put your book on my wl a few days ago and at last got the time for a good read. It didn't disappoint. Liked the dual story line in the first chaps. Great involved threads between police and underworld. Tom seems to have his finger in many pies from the Olympics to gypsies but is he going to be the next victim? On my Bookshelf, Regards, Anne

sjbal wrote 1528 days ago

Hi Kev,
Loved it. Your style is sublime and suits the genre perfectly. The attention to detail and pace are spot on - shelved.
Good luck,
James (The Lycetta Legacy).

Raydad wrote 1529 days ago

Hi Kev. I read the prologue and some of chapters 1 and 8. You've a keen eye for detail and it shows in your writing. This is hard, gripping crime drama written with no-holds barred. Fine work. I saw two typos you should correct:
prologue "The gates' still locked" - don't need the apostrophe after gates.
chapter 1 "forensics and investigators'." - don't need the apostrophe after investigators.
Happy to shelve it.

Buttermilk Moon

Ian Kammann wrote 1530 days ago

Hi Kev. Just finised the first few chapters of yours. I loved the contrast in the prologue between the thunder giving life to the air and then the dead in the ground. I had a really clear image of the fact it reads like a bit like a movie script. Happily backed.

BDNelson wrote 1532 days ago

I'm backing this! Well done.

wordreiver wrote 1532 days ago

I know this is a hard-bitten crime novel, but by the end of the prologue, I literally had tears in my eyes. I like your writing style. It’s very descriptive and yet easy to read which tells me that a lot of hard work went into writing and editing it. I like the way you interject the narrative with snippets of the murderer’s voice. It maintains the tension in the scenes. Your dialogue is very natural and believable. Try to vary the rhythm and length of your sentences – just something to think about. Overall I can see this as a published novel, with a little bit of a polish. I have some police scenes in my novel that would probably benefit from some expert criticism – hint, hint. Good luck. And nice to meet another Geordie on here!

William Holt wrote 1532 days ago

This is really hard to stop reading, and I'd be happy to find it in a book store so I could read it all. Your MC, living on both sides of the law, is little by little coming to life for me, and you have some scary heavies who remind me a little of the Doyle Lonigan character in the movie The Sting.

Best wishes for this one. Shelved with a certain regret that it's not published yet.


plod wrote 1533 days ago

I got a delicious sense of expectation from the first chapter with a real sense of a dangerous desire for revenge. The dialogue is fresh and edgy.

Typo beginning of chapter 3: Tom Ricks’ was a success.

Clever idea to include a plotline concerning the Olympic development, very topical.
A juicy crime thriller.

Jesse Hargreave wrote 1533 days ago

Backed January 21.

Jesse - Savant

Invasive1 wrote 1534 days ago

A very interesting read but one that's very hard for me to comment on. I's not a genre I normally read, and has a way of saying or describing events that is different than the few crime books I read (Robert Parker or Tim Dorsey). But that's me and not you -- I think the story is true to the nature of a hard boiled tale of police and bad guys, so that followers of the genre should love it, and you will certainly have their ear. I also noticed that you have a great eye for certain details and the interplay between people, and that is such a key element in these stories. Backed and glad to read it -- the way things are written "across the pond" is always fascinating and fun to read. Good luck and I wish you the best!

James Wayland wrote 1534 days ago

Very descriptive, compelling, and distinctly hard-boiled, Catherine Wheel Alley is very promising. I can agree with some of the nits that others have alluded to, but you have a strong story on your hands and I am happy to back this.


Becca wrote 1535 days ago

You have a very unique style, and I love your evocative word choice. There are a few instances of missing punctuation in this document--you might want to give it a once over.

Also, I suggest breaking up a couple of the longer paragraphs, as that will make it easier to read, and some of them could easily be split.

My other suggestion is to read it out loud in a monotone voice. I know that sounds weird, but it helps give you an idea if the sentences flow nicely. To me it feels like you have a lot of similar sentence constructions and lengths close together, which make it read in a "pattern" and at time a little choppy. Read up on the "sound" of prose if you get a chance.

Good luck!

Tim Hawken wrote 1535 days ago

I love the moral dilemas you present here. Is the killer justified? Are these bad people?

The dysfunctional Jenkins is a great character also. Often thoughout the book I'm reminded of one of my favourite movies, Boondock Saints.

The writing is tight, well edited. Plenty of great lines.

Incidently you're missing a full stop after the second sentence of the first paragraph. "So will his victims." This is a great, punchy opening by the way.


Tim H

Batwidow wrote 1536 days ago

Hi Kev, This is a sharp crime thriller, shaping up nicely from ch1 - I'm afraid I didn't like the prologue much and if I'd read it in a bookshop, I'd probably have put the book down - it seemed a bit heavy-handed. I thought your prose much improved once into the story proper. There are several editing issues - you may want to get someone to help you with those if you are aiming for the ed's desk because they are distracting. Otherwise - good stuff! Backed. AnneX

H Leigh Cornwell wrote 1536 days ago

I like the way this is written. The thoughts of the killer interlaced with the crime scene investigation lends an interesting insite into the story. How could I possibly resist continuing after the last paragraph of chapter 1?
Well done, I look forward to reading this.

H Leigh Cornwell
(Blood Descent)

Smurphgirl wrote 1537 days ago

After reading your pitch, I knew immediately I was going to like this one. If the first chapter is any indication of the quality of this book, I would say you have a winner here. I enthusiastically back this and wish you all the best. Great work.

A Crack in the Mirror

Smurphgirl wrote 1537 days ago

After reading your pitch, I knew immediately I was going to like this one. If the first chapter is any indication of the quality of this book, I would say you have a winner here. I enthusiastically back this and wish you all the best. Great work.

peonyaceg wrote 1537 days ago

Brilliant writing skills Kev, you kept me glued to the pages. This is a fantastic thriller, Jenkins character wins my vote. Backed.

Best Wishes
A Date With Fortune

bonalibro wrote 1537 days ago

This is very well written but, I do have a question. Why do you have the killers thoughts prior to the killing interspersed with the initial paragraphs about finding the body. The killing has already been done.

Backed regardless.

Tim Chambers
Chili con Carnality

yasmin esack wrote 1538 days ago

wow! well written with intrigue to carry the story further. A winner, a page turner


Patrick Fox wrote 1538 days ago

I'm a sucker for police procedurals, especially gruesome ones, so I felt right at home with Catherine Wheel Alley. You have all the elements in place for a cracking thrill-ride, and a multi-faceted main character in D.I. Chris Jenkins. What more could you want.

This is an enjoyable, easy read, Kev, and I wish you the best of luck with it.

Tawn Anderson wrote 1539 days ago

This got off to a fast start and kept going. The prologue peaked my interest and I thought the heaviness it brought immediatly set the tone. I like the flow and pace of chapter one, the back and forth with inner thoughts and action. I felt like I was part of the story, not just reading it. Backed with pleasure!

Ferdi wrote 1539 days ago

Hi Kev,

An interesting read. For me (and I think from the comments this is personal) the prologue almost put me off. I wasn't at all keen of the flowery way it was written. However, When I moved on to the first chapter I was so pleased to see that this was not still the case. I think now, it is meant to be in the killer's voice? So perhaps, it's all right, after all. I think you have a promising story here, but you need to tighten it up a little in places and it definitely needs a good proofread and grammatical check. But a promising work - good luck.

nboving wrote 1539 days ago

Nice to find another writer who uses prologues. This one is very effective. Maybe you could delete the last line as it's kind of redundant. However, that's an infinitessimal criticism. Your writing is beautiful - you might consider adding 'literary' to the genres as this is so much better than the usual fast read, wham bang I find. This needs to be rather more savoured. So, great cncept, great imagery and first class dialogue - what more can you ask?


Nicholas ("The Warlock") - Horror/Thriller

Brittany Engstrand wrote 1540 days ago

Aside from the few places that could use a grammar check up, I love the story! It has a wonderful flow and I love the use of imagery! I will definitely be back for more soon :)

My Last Notes

CarolinaAl wrote 1540 days ago

Your opening line got my attention. Your comment of 'no teddy bears' drew me in. 'No regrets, no mercy, no crusade' hooked me. Your prologue is a powerful introduction, masterfully crafted. Chris is a street-smart cop, professional and friendly. Your description of the crime scene is cinematic. Visceral. Evocative. Stunning. Your narrative is wonderful. You provide us with superb metaphors such as 'inkwells replaced the pupils of his eyes.' Your dialogue is direct and entertaining. The pacing was a bit slow for my tastes. Great hook at the end of your first chapter. This is an intriguing, gritty police procedure. Backed.