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rank 1735
word count 98185
date submitted 22.08.2009
date updated 30.10.2012
genres: Thriller, Fantasy, Horror, Erotica
classification: adult

Sow And You Shall Reap


How cruelty, sexual abuse and greed, created this monster of a former care home Matron and the haunted hotel that hid her evil secret.


Just released from prison after their care home atrocities; former matron, Elizabeth Waverly, and her accomplice, Norman Christie, team up and see an opportunity to inherit two million pounds. But first they have to kill the main beneficiary, Elizabeth Carragher, with the matron taking on her identity.
At the reading of the will they see their plans back fire when a second will is found and a long lost brother, Victor Carragher, turns up and claims it all.
Salvaging what they can they plan to kidnap the brother’s young precocious daughter, Helen, for half the inheritance.
Before the kidnap can be arranged, Victor Carragher, a hotel manager, very quickly fulfils a life long ambition and moves to Majorca with his daughter, and new found wealth, to buy his own hotel. The killing couple follow him with the matron still in disguise, helping him run the hotel. But unbeknown to them the hotel he purchases is haunted.
What follows is a series of terrifying events including flashbacks on the main characters. The breakdown of their early family lives, and, how cruelty, abuse and greed, installed with a liberally wielded trouser belt, can manifest itself later like a cancer on their morals.

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, horror, macabre, sexual

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Barry S wrote 57 days ago

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Barry S wrote 57 days ago

New Online Crime/Thriller Magazine Launch
Coming Soon...

All you authors out there get noticed...We are now open to short story submissions max 10,000 word count, send as e.mail attachments-
Also, self-published authors can advertise their
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Su Dan wrote 538 days ago

horrible picture. still, a good book, interesting, and clever use of bible verse...
read SEASONS...

Maria44 wrote 540 days ago

Weird that on the news today there was that story about the care home workers abusing their residents. Norman is a right git.

I have to say I found little fault with this, you occasionally, incorrectly use question marks but nothing serious. I think characters are your main strength and your disalogue is strong too. Elizabeth and Joyce seem nice, Norman and Matron Elizabeth seem really evil, the delivery driver I thought was going to be nice and turned out to be a food thief.

If I was to make a recommendation I would suggest cut out some of Norman's back story, I found myself slightly switching off but that may be my own impatience. It's got the makings of a great book though which I am presuming you have reposted for a second go on this site?

Whatever the reason, I hope it does well, it deserves to.


Cordy Roy wrote 541 days ago

I don't want to say why this strikes such a chord with me but it is compellingly nasty. Shelved & starred.

Andrew Burans wrote 1257 days ago

Your character development of Elizabeth and Norman is excellent as is your solid storyline. The dialogue is well written and your descriptive writing makes your erotic horror fantasy a pleasure to read. I have given you a high star rating.

Andrew Burans
The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning

Suzalex wrote 1317 days ago

Love the cover, great opening line, went straight into the action . . . BAM! . . . killer crafting here. The writing is smooth and clear and a joy to read.


CarolinaAl wrote 1320 days ago

Your opening line hooked me. This is a well-crafted, gritty thriller. Masterful imagery. Credible, complex characters. Realistic dialogue. Excellent sense of place. Tense narrative. Well placed twists. Inventive plot. My only nit is: 'Now open your mouth you stupid old cow.' Comma after 'mouth.' When you address someone in dialogue, offset their name or title with commas. There are more cases of this type of problem. Other than that, this is surefooted writing. An impressive read. Backed.

kategrimes050 wrote 1324 days ago

Well what can I say? This book is grusome and macabre yet totally compelling reading. I was repulsed at the way Norman (very 'Psyco) and the Matron force-fed the old dear with tablets. Sadly, this sort of thing really does sometimes happen in homes for the elderly. Depsite this, I just had to keep reading. The sign of a great writer. The characters are strong and realistic. Just a few typos, but otherwise great stuff. I love the book cover.
Backed with pleasure and on mu watch list.
Kategrimes050- LIZZIE

Bonzo147 wrote 1339 days ago

I spent some time in that part of the world, garden of england and all that...I'm not in the least surprised this sort of behaviour goes on lol....well written and easily backed

Violet Hiccup.

Su Dan wrote 1350 days ago

good opening lines to set the story on its way...l shall put this on my watchlist...
read SEASONS...

Kristen Stone wrote 1371 days ago

Haven't read very much but can tell it will be worth backing. Good luck.
Kristen Stone
Kianda Mala - The Monkey Man
The Penhaligan File

lynn clayton wrote 1383 days ago

B.P. you get off to a cracking start with that Norman forcing the tablets into Edith's mouth and then making love to the matron, presumably in Edith's room - seedy, perverted stuff.
I've worked briefly in a care home and I can vouch for the believable atmosphere you create, with excellent dialogue. But it's the bizarre touches, like the glass eye, and Norman covered in blood from the lamb joint, that make this macabre as well.
You fit the stories of your characters into the narrative with skill - and they're all compelling histories.
I noticed a couple of typos - 'physic' for 'physique'; a missing capital when Norman says, 'Well, she's not fucking good today,' ; and where Elizabeth, finding a photo of herself in her mum's album says '...I'd of been nonE the wiser.' Love the way you write 'of' when she speaks.
It's gutsy, real and commercial. Very best for its success and backed. Lynn

happypetronella wrote 1386 days ago

I've reached the final chapter of a very good and enjoyable read. One thing: chapters 13 and 14 are exactly the same as chapters 11 and 12 - they must have posted twice for some reason. Backed because of all that nice creepy dark stuff like all those murders.

bookbug100 wrote 1395 days ago

ooh Matron, a lovely piece of darkness. Well written and superb. Backed happily.

Vanessa Darnleigh wrote 1398 days ago

The syntactical issue has to do with using words 'economically'...getting the most out of them ie. less is always better! Take the following as an example...I hope you don't mind my suggested alternative to the particular paragraph in your text:
Elizabeth stared hard at the Matron and then lifted her eyes to the embroidered tapestry on the bare wall behind her: Whatsoever....Galatians etc'. 'How fitting!' she thought.
Tightening up in this manner frees the text from the heavy burden of excess words which slows things down and makes the reader's life harder than it should be. I hope this is wishes

Vanessa Darnleigh wrote 1399 days ago

If this is about being a 'nasty' tale of the vicious and dark side of human nature, then you've certainly achieved your concern is with the language and how it flows...there is room for improvement in syntax, even spelling. Why not get these sorted out and this will glow!

Natalie Jones wrote 1407 days ago

I started with chapter 42 because most people give feedback on the first three chapters and never look beyond. Two issues that jumped out at me was the spacing. There seems to be too much spacing between lines and some paragraphs, double spacing then single spacing. Also, the first part of the chapter reads more like a news account, a simple telling of the facts as opposed to a moving narrative at the end of a book. Just something to consider.

" . . . dieing (dying) instantly . . ."

Backed and the best of luck

Linda Lou wrote 1407 days ago

hullo BP. your story is definately scary since I am sure that to some degree this stuff goes on all the time. Was a nurse many years ago, this stuff could and did happened. your charecters are each a surprise in themselved. Very good. Already shelved and backed.
Please take a look at my book if you have not and thanks for that.
Linda Lou Long
Southern dis-Comfort

homewriter wrote 1409 days ago

Hi BP,Scary but you could imagine it happening! Backed. Care to peek at my book? Gordon (The Harpist of Madrid)

LeClerc wrote 1409 days ago

Good strong stuff, I like it. Backed

Danny Murphy

carlashmore wrote 1409 days ago

Very powerfull stuff. Very strong characters and and genuinely creepy. Norman's past is particularly tragic. You tell your story very well - it is fluid, accessible and never shies from terrifying the reader with small, scary details. I like this.
The Time hUnters

SusieGulick wrote 1416 days ago

Dear B.P., I love the intrigue of your story & all of the twists - what an ending!! :) What an appropriate title for your book. :) Before I began to read your book, I was prepared by your pitch, which was very well done. :) Your story is good because you create interest by having short paragraphs & lots of dialogue, which makes me want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next. I'm "backing" your book. :) "When you back a book, it only improves the ranking of that book, not yours. However, the author whose book you are backing may decide to back your book also, in which case yes, your ranking would be improved"...authonomy quote. :) Please "back" my TWO memoir books, "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" & my completed memoir unedited version? "Tell Me True Love Stories," which tells at the end, my illness now & 6th abusive marriage." Thanks, Susie :)
additional authonomy quote: "Every time you place a book on your bookshelf, your recommendation pushes the book up the rankings. And while that book sits on your bookshelf, your reputation as a talent spotter increases depending on how well that book performs." :)

wespollet wrote 1445 days ago

HI B.P. sad to say I think this happens too often and ios the reason I would never place my loved ones in a nursing home or care center....Very true happenings.
Shocking and I back the book. Harold Alvin(ICON)Wesley

Aimee Fry wrote 1446 days ago

Well...this is disturbing! Emotional, strong and so much language that drags you in and simply shocks the reader.
This is a well written piece - BACKED!

His Pride, Her Prejudice

Owen Quinn wrote 1447 days ago

This is an original piece. A murder thriller which twists into a supernatural free for all. the imagery is vivid, the characters creepy and normal at the same time. the writing is fluid and the matron's machinations are so good. Haunted hotles are always good but when it is the characters that fire this story. The Norman reveal was very good. well doen, this would easily be a tv miniseries or movie and I can see Kathy bates as matron.

toussaint wrote 1448 days ago

Sow And You Shall Reap

[R11 & 40]

The pitch is original. A story with a nice twist in it. And you to about it in a straight forward and business like way. The initial scene is horrible. Of course they overdosed the poor old lady. Then I realise with horror that it is Elizabeth who the Matron from Hell kills to get her inheritance. Great touch with the dark glasses and the gaping eyesocket. then wonderfully Elizabeth looks away only to see the missing false eye on the desk! Well milked and I can see how the dark glasses come in handy later. Neat!

And Norman’s story is tragic. And harrowing as the misfortune is heaped upon him. Some nits in chapter two. When is this? Or more importantly, were stair lifts common then? I can see why you kept “Norman’s” identity under wraps for so long, as it is funny when we finally find out exactly what he is. I was going to take you to task about the practicality of hiding a black mamba about your person until I read he was rubber. Not knowing exactly what Norman was did perplex me and I might reconsider it. Quite a few typos still in there.

I’ve just skimmed down chapter three and I can see you’re up and running. Norman and Matron want revenge and Norman knows about the shares and that Elizabeth has already been mistaken for Matron. And you’ve made Norman even more monstrous.

This is a great story. I’m backing it and, if you can find the time to take a look at Bokassa’s Last Apostle in return, I’d be extremely grateful. Thanks.

amyloured wrote 1448 days ago

Stunning! horrific in it's realism and thrilling along with it....An intense but highly enjoyable read.
Chameleons and Coinkidinks

amyloured wrote 1448 days ago

Stunning! horrific in it's realism and thrilling along with it....An intense but highly enjoyable read.
Chameleons and Coinkidinks

eloraine wrote 1450 days ago

Backed. E.Loraine Royal Blood Chronicles book one

Jim Darcy wrote 1450 days ago

This is well out my comfort zone but I can't fault the quality of your writing. Characterisation is excellently done, the emotion you elicit from your reader; loathing, sympathy, anxiety etc is very well realised. The cover really ctaches the eye too. There is commercial running in this I am quite sure. Jim Darcy The Firelord's Crown

yasmin esack wrote 1450 days ago

you sure have done this well. ever so real.
backed for sure and backed again

Billy Young wrote 1473 days ago

I said I would come back for a second look and I'm glad I did for now I am willing to back this.

Burgio wrote 1477 days ago

This story is a good read. You have a great contrast in characters ranging from the evil Matron to the innocent Helen. A mark of it is that throughout the whole thing, you've created an ominous scary overtone. Not a book to read when you're alone in a house if the floorboards creak. I'm adding this to my shelf. Burgio (Grain of Salt).

Famlavan wrote 1479 days ago

As You Have Sown

Good grief this is creepy with a capital blood hell.
You come up with some great narrative description and I still can’t get over how edgy and austere this is. You have a little gem here.

Jared wrote 1500 days ago

Barry, what a wonderful cover, absolutely perfect for this genre, as is the title. The pitches work well, this is a distinctly chilling premise with a couple of proven 'baddies' to focus the attention of the reader. You could have kept this as a conventional crime thriller, as is the case with my own novel, with more than a few gruesome elements to satisfy the Horror devotees, and it would have worked well. Your decision to evoke a fantasy aspect by including a haunted hotel is distinctly intriguing and I'd like to read on to see how the plot works out.
You've certainly got talent as a story-teller and the story enfolds very well. A book I'd love to have time to read in its entirety, ideally not on screen! Backed.
Mummy's Boy

Jesse Hargreave wrote 1524 days ago

Backed February 1.

Jesse - Savant

cbearly wrote 1533 days ago


I am guilty of being drawn in by your cover. It was the synopsis that hooked me, however. A huge fan of Stephen's King's early work, I was intrigued. There is something that draws me to a horror/thriller story that could possibly come to pass. Unlike most purely fictional novels, there are some, like Misery, that have a basic grounding towards the believable. The only scary movie I can recall seeing as a child was, The Nanny. It took me years to realize the reason was because it could possibly happen. I really wasn't expecting a crawling hand to strangle me in my sleep, but a psychotic Nanny, sure.

Your novel has reached that scary factor of being on the fringe of believable, which makes it all the more of an exciting read.

With a little trimming and polishing, it will be a gem.

Backed, with the best of luck.

Candace Bowen Early (A Knight of Silence)

meemers wrote 1537 days ago

I have been able to get a few chapters in. WOW! Spooky, compelling, horrific.....and I am in the medical world, specifically with Alzheimer's and dementia patients....and I love suspense and a good thriller. I will be back to finish this, for now though I'm backing it! A little tweaking and presto!, perfect.

all the best

MiniMePom wrote 1546 days ago

I like this book!

Esrevinu wrote 1590 days ago

The storytelling is very good. The cover drew me in. I worked in home care for many years yet I was still alarmed.

Its reads like a real story.

You obviously have some connection to the setting or you did some research, either way Bravo!

Best wishes

The Esrevinu Chronicles/Secrets of the Elephant Rocks

T.L Tyson wrote 1592 days ago

This is dark and disturbing.
Not sure i Have read something so freaking bleak on here.
I mean it is crafted well, the deathly duo are certainly captivating in that stare-at-an-accident sort of way.
Several times I grimaced and turned to look away from the screen. The sharp slap to the woman's face being the first instance, though it didn't stop there. How horrible. And yet. Things like this happen. My mom worked in a nursing home for years and she saw horrific things that the nurses did, nothing so brazen as what MAtron and Norman get up to but still.
T.L Tyson-Seeking Eleanor

paxie wrote 1599 days ago


What a nasty duo you've crafted here....I hope there are no role models lurking around .....

The sentence beginning........ In keeping with its military..... is an entire paragraph without a sentence break...I think that might need re-visited.

Then looked worried at Norman....typo.......looked worriedly.....not past tense....

Am going to leave you a message in your mailbox.....

Best of luck with this shelved...

Jedda wrote 1600 days ago

As promised I came back for more and read to chap9. This evil duo aren't going to give up easily are they? Your book is not an easy read but is worth the effort. I shall give it a whirl on my shelf. Good Luck, Anne

soutexmex wrote 1602 days ago

This is a book I want to explore at my leisure; that should tell you how I feel about the premise. SHELVED!

I can use your comments on my book when you get the chance. Cheers!

The Obergemau Key

Jedda wrote 1603 days ago

I have put this on my W.L. until I am in the mood to read about this hard duo. The description of the poor woman being forcibly given pills in the nursing home was distressing, especially when one hears about such things on a regular basis. What do we have to look forward to? Seriously though I shall come back and read if they get their comeuppance. Regards, Anne "Tyson's Tale."

Simon Swift wrote 1603 days ago

This sounds brilliant! I love the dark stuff! Backiing in anticipation of a great read!

Francesco wrote 1605 days ago

Scarey, unnerving and bloody creepy.

Billy Young wrote 1609 days ago

You need to work on the flow a little I think. You seem to want to tell us to much rather than let us learn as we go. I did like how you let us find out that Lizzie might be coming into money soon, more of this and less of the shopping list type descriptions would make this work better. I'm going to keep this on my WL for a bit and come back to in a month or two to see how it has developed.

PatrickArmstead wrote 1615 days ago

Hi BP,

I have to say that I love the cover of your book, and I think it fits the title very well.

Excellent characters with a well-drawn plot. Perfect setting and description to draw the reader into the characters world.

This is only a suggestion, but I would try to reduce some of the info in chapter one. I wouldn't get rid of it altogether, but I would cut it down to be a more easily read chapter so as not to lose your grip on the reader.

Very good read,

Patrick Armstead
Dark Lands