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The Millionaire Maverick

Susan James

What if one man could make everybody millionaires? What if the powerful individuals who control the world’s money supply will do anything to stop him?


What would happen if the entire world used a Magic Wall to create their wealth? What would then happen to the banking systems that seemed to be in control of the world and its resources? What would happen to the men and the institutions that seemed to hold the world's purse strings? And what then would happen to anyone messing with those hands that held those same purse strings? Hank Ramsan, The Millionaire Maverick was about to find out. Hank Ramsan made everyone Millionaires who learned to use his Magic Wall. This enraged the powers that controlled the world's banks because hidden secrets were revealed and lifestyles threatened, as the world's money systems crumbled. Only one person could save Hank from the peril he had created; only she didn't love him anymore. (sj)

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charlottesville va, cia, coffee lover, danger in knowing too much, easy wealth, fiction-romance, friesan horses, hank loves josey, hank ramsan, horses...

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“I take it you have a plan in mind?” asked Hank.

Without pause Alex said, “I have an idea and a beginning, but the bigger part will be up to you. I’ve been studying your concepts while I was keeping tabs on you. I’ve used them successfully, but here is something further that will help you, based on your concepts. The Stiletto, as a word, has many meanings in regard to the powers it displays of an individual or a group of individuals, sort of like a hidden antagonist. In this case, the hidden antagonist is a man who goes by the name The Italian Dagger. He’s called Dagger for short.

“The Italian Dagger is actually a very powerful Bishop in the Catholic Church hierarchy. I can see your wheels turning now Hank. Yes, this means he is part of the world money control as held and governed by the Catholic Church, skillfully disguised as religious doctrine. I know this is one of the themes you uncovered as sabotage to many things around our mass conditioning.”

Hank interrupted. “Alex what you are saying is that The Stiletto controls the world’s money.” Hank mused further, “Included among this same group of men are representatives of the hierarchy within the church, in which one hand feeds the other and vice versa.”

Alex quickly responded, “Precisely, and within the simple language of what you have described are poverty, disease, war, in-humane living conditions at all levels of the earth’s people. The stronghold of these two forces manipulates these conditions and at stake is humanity at large. For what reason does this exist? To tightly control the world’s purse strings by having the power to mandate money as a worldwide asset. This affects general living and provisions of various societies, due to the sanctions placed by The Stiletto. No one will even attempt to stop them. The power of the combination of government and religion is simply too great for anyone to attempt such a feat.”

Hank interrupted Alex’s frustrated tirade, “Yes, it’s almost as if they could withhold oxygen from the world, they would do so in order to hold some type of power.”

Alex nodded in agreement.

Almost three hours passed and dusk set over the Texas skyline. The two men agreed not to meet again for awhile. Either one of them could be followed. It was time for Alex to check in with one of his commanders within The Stiletto, and he needed to cover his tracks for the past few hours.

Hank had been so jostled by the new information on both the emotional and intellectual levels that he needed to spend some time alone to bring himself the next step. Alex would go back undercover with The Stiletto but knew he would be aware of Hank’s whereabouts since he was given the assignment to find and investigate him in the first place.

They agreed on a code to use in the event one must reach the other. The code was simple: HH. It could be found in the classified section of The World Today Newspaper, under ‘investment.’ Every city in the United States carried that newspaper. However, what neither of them suspected at the time was that this huge undertaking would take one or both of them out of the United States. The World Today Newspaper would not be an available option for signaling one another of danger or otherwise.



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Dean Lombardo wrote 811 days ago

Hi Susan,
I read the first two chapters, and you write very well and your story is bursting with promise and even some supernatural potential. I think you are going to do well with this. Highly starred.
A few suggestions:
"memories of the girl, his love," sounds a bit melodramatic. Why not just "memories of the girl he'd loved" or "memories of the girl he loved" ?
Last two paragraphs, Chapter 1: It is my personal view that such omniscience take us out of the third person you've already established and inserts you as author too much into the story. Unless Hank is telling this whole story as a flashback and I don't think you should go that route, I think you should cut these fortune-telling last two paragraphs from Chapter 1.
Chapter 2: Consider adding first two paragraphs of Chapter 2 to the end of Chapter 1. They fit better there time-wise. Then, sStart Chapter 2 with "Excitement filled ..."
Really good, easy-to-follow writing, plotting and characterization so far. I get the sense Hank means wells/wants to do good but he doesn't understand the implications and there's going to be some chaos. I also like the references to the Persian tales and would be interested in seeing how those and any modern-day genie-like activity might fit in. Careful what you wish for, Hank.

Dean Lombardo
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