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date submitted 18.10.2009
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genres: Comedy
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The Ayatollah is a Michael Jackson Fan (and other satirical nonsense)

Patrick P. Astre

This is a work of humor, exaggeration, political satire, and mostly fact-free. Remember that all good fiction is built upon a setting of truth.


This is a politically-incorrect work, as factual as a New York Times editorial on Rush Linbaugh is slanted. Here you'll find why Iran's ayatollah is a Michael Jackson fan, how 9/11 interupted Osama bin Laden's plans for a Las Vegas comedy appearance, the story behind the Taliban's late night infomercials, and Afghanistan's nuclear and space program funded by Wal-Mart. There's much more, including Israel's President Netanyahu' proposal to trade Miami Beach for peace in the Middle East and why he'd like to compare penis size with US President Barak Obama.
But its not just foreign affairs, domestic affairs are important too, as Bill clinton used to say. Here readers will find out the real story on how the economic crisis started when Dexter Kissbottom tried to buy a twenty million dollar house on a Coke-Soaker's salary. (Those are the folks who clean Coca Cola bottles for refilling)
We'll move to current headlines on the health care crisis, how parties on both sides lie. We'll get the truth with reports from new congressional committee called Securing Health Insurance Truths or S.H.I.T. with comedian-Senator Al Franken heading the committee as SHIT-Head. Go ahead, give it a try.

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funny, irreverant, political satire, politically incorrect, satire, whacky

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Woodville wrote 1148 days ago

I'm not certain as to whether this is a work of sly genius or simple libel-baiting. But it IS interesting, and so I will keep an eye on it.

(I did laugh.)